Newcastle and Saudi Arabia

1941 is hardly old money.

Hopefully the authorities will get it right.
Then Newcastle will be the next Leicester (without actually winning anything)

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The sheiks are obnoxious cunts who should remember not too long ago they were camel herders living in tents in the desert. My wife encountered a couple at Cambridge and, even after passing through post graduate education, they fundamentally fail to understand the central tenets of western European democracy and see it all just as platitudes that don’t apply to them. Sadly we seem to be legitimising their attitudes by allowing them to participate and foul-up so much of our society.


England is a sullied little cesspit of greed, we’ll take money from anyone without morals applied.


Applies to most countries, no?

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No doubt, like Man City’s sponsorships, it will be an inflated amount

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You’d cry if you didn’t laugh.

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