Next Generation of Top Managers

Bro come on, we all know dutch names with “van” are abbreviated.


& not only in Football…MVG

And WVM!

I know how it works with the old Dutch names :sunglasses:

100% agree with this.

Football is littered with ex assistant managers or first team coaches who went in to manage and the wheel came of spectacularly.

Having said that I would seriously question an assistant manager who did not want to manage.

Bit like a sub keeper who is happy all his career playing for a big club but never getting a look in.

Why? Assistant managers are often just good as they are, rather than trying to step into the big job. There are different skillsets.


Fancy GVB battering Dortmund and their latest hipster darling at Westfalen. :hushed:

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didn’t see that coming.

Dortmund have been dire in Europe this year.

In my dining room?

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The biggest obstacle Pep would have to battle, other than simply not being Jurgen, is battling the feeling of having to prove he is big enough to fill the shoes. Taking his quality as a given (otherwise Klopp wouldnt have hired him), it is Klopp’s willingness to share responsibility, and sometimes even the limelight, that has been central to this team’s success.

Why? Growth mindset is great, but one of life’s biggest strengths is knowing what it is your good at. Good number 2s are good because they have the qualities that compliment the man in charge. It’s not only that it doesn’t always translate to being a good #1, it’s that it’s more often antithetical to it. Especially in the current day and age when it’s a group dynamic that runs a football club not a single guy.


Would be good if Pep got the reins for 3-4yrs if Jurgen agreed to move upstairs and continue to mentor him…!

I think Klopp will renew again for another couple of years now he has a team behind him I think he will feel he can do that.

That’s probably the importance of Pep Ljinders.


Not sure that is a fair comparison given the change in style of play and the turnover in playing personnel last summer.

Palace fans watch them every week it’s all I’m passing on.

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I totally understand and it wasnt meant as a dig or anything towards you, just a general observation (more for the palace fans really) that comparisons of that nature are somewhat apples and oranges at this stage.

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Absolutely, but equally he shouldnt be discounted from the conversation completely either.

I’ve often thought of Klopp as a modern version of Shankly. I’m slowly coming to the idea of Pep possibly becoming a latter day Paisley (but without the playing record at the club).

In many ways we have under Klopp returned to what we had prior to Souness, that bootroom collective. Whether it survives Klopp leaving is a big question though. If he takes a job elsewhere we could lose a lot of them and have to rebuild from scratch.

Yeah, it’s not impossible. But it’s a fact that it doesn’t happen very much in football, especially at the top level.

I think the constant comparing the present with the past at Liverpool can be a dangerous game for us. I hope the club are more rational in the period it happens, I believe they will be. They simply can’t afford to be as emotional as we are, for the good of all of us.

I love that our memory is brilliant, that we remember not only our top moments, legends, cult heroes, etc. But we can’t be trapped by looking for examples from decades ago. And thinking too much outside the box/too special compared to the rest. The Bootroom story is amazing, but it’s much harder to replicate.

2024 will be a test for Liverpool if it’s indeed then when Klopp says he’s had enough and wants a break and/or goes back to Germany (of course, I believe he will tell the club inside probably a year before, so we can prepare). Also Edwards in this 2022.

Klopp is probably the most loved manager at Liverpool since Kenny. And Kenny was actually promoted from inside. Like his two predecessors. There will be pressure for sure, you can already predict that the character/charisma part will be almost impossible to find in the next guy. So it will be also a lesson for us fans.

Rafa was also highly loved, but certainly not as Klopp and not by everyone even at his peak. That was also a hard time for the club, so it’s impossible to compare. The whole state of the club at the time was more alarming than the fact that Hodgson became our new manager.

It will be a test both for the club and us fans. Because we haven’t seen such a top Liverpool side in decades. We haven’t seen for a long time how and what it takes to go from a top Liverpool side to a new top Liverpool side. And then we haven’t seen for a long time going from a successful manager to a new one.

When you have something that’s so good, I understand that there’s certain fear in human nature over change. Ask most fans and we wouldn’t change anything. We don’t even have to go too far away from the playing style, but maybe it won’t be someone as universally loved as Klopp, but still football wise about the same and able to keep us a top side (you need more than a quality first team coach, but we agree that he’s still the most important football person at the club, especially someone like Klopp and at a place like Liverpool with it’s culture/focus on the first team coach).

I’m not categorically writing off popular options like Gerrard or Lijnders. They do carry their own values also due to their different ties to the club. But I’m still much more wanting the club simply hiring what they think is the best option for us at that moment. If it’s someone completely different, like Klopp himself was at the time, f*ck yes I’ll have some of that. That remains the priority, more than creating nice stories. Of course, that calculation can and probably will differ from person to person among decision makers. Sometimes you do hire the right man, but it doesn’t quite work out.

Anyway, two and a half seasons to go until then. Maybe Klopp comes to a point when he wants to go on for a few more years. That is also possible. But as long as nothing shitty happens, there’s no running away from the fact that it will be a big moment/test for us. We’ll see.


How is Xabi doing these days? I’ve always thought that he’d made a fine top manager after some time going by.

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Seems to be content staying with Sociedad for the time being. I think he’ll make the jump to a higher level soon and he probably is just waiting for the right job.

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It’s probably because results had dropped off a cliff throw in one or two performances that are a bit shit then you start to wonder that way, these two are genuine fans I know from when I went so I do take their opinion same as my friend who is a Leicester fan on Rodgers.


This goes back to what I said yesterday. Paisley was the boss, but he also understood it was really the boot room that was running the club, and that eliminated any thoughts about having to prove he was big enough to step into the shoes. It allowed him more room to focus on doing the job than looking like he was capable of doing the job. That is what Pep would need to do.

The question I have is how many of these people are Klopp people not Liverpool people?

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If I’m honest I can’t see Klopp in another job, the international job may interest him. I assume Kravietz goes if Klopp does.

The thing is the more I see it the more I expect we will take him up to 60. If we win all 4 trophies though I wouldn’t blame him if he walked then.

Be sad like

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