Next Generation of Top Managers

Jürgen Klopp (54), Pep Guardiola (51), Thomas Tuchel (48), Antonio Conte (52), Carlo Ancelotti (62), Diego Simeone (51), Mauricio Pochettino (49), Massimiliano Allegri (54), José Mourinho (59) are the top managers at present.

Who will be the next batch of managers to dominate or even revolutionize football in the coming years?

Julian Nagelsmann (34) is highly praised but can he be taken seriously without having faced any serious competition? On the other hand, Christophe Galtier (54) has worked magic with minnows like ASSE, Lille, and Nice. Simone Inzaghi (45) has managed to maintain the ascendency of Inter, while Gian Piero Gasperini (64) has ensured that Atalanta is a force to be reckoned with. Steven Gerrard (41) and Graham Potter (46) are ably holding their grounds in a highly competitive league, while Xavi (42) seems to have stopped the rot at Barcelona.

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Sounds like Erik ten Hag (52) is wanted. Has loads of experience working at the likes of Utrecht, and Bayern II before taking over at Ajax and doing decent there.

Bit older that the next generation listed but looks like a big move is on the cards.

Marco Rose (45) has had a mixed start at Dortmund but looks like he knows what hes doing. He can go a long way too.

Pep Ljinders…hes going to have a decent career. If Milner goes into coaching i can see him doing well too.


Nagelsmann , Potter , Gerrard , Alonso , Rose offhand are the immediate names that come to mind(If you are looking at people who are 45 and below. Inzaghi seems to have done quite well with Inter though. Too early for me to rate Xavi , I get that Barcelona are in the dumps but he still seems to get enough transfers and is relatively strong.

Diego Martinez seems to be highly rated by the la liga guys but I haven’t seen enough of him.

Probably have to mention Arteta (results wise , he’s low key doing well even if not particularly inspiring). Also like what i’ve seen of Patrick Viera and his coaching so far at Crystal Palace, He’s been middling in the french leagues but he’s got Palace playing quite good football with guys who are not necessarily his buys.


Marcelo Gallardo is an excellent coach, but I’m not convinced of his desire to go to Europe. I’d really like to see Scaloni in Europe after winning the World Cup.

Does anyone rate either Van Bronckhorst or Bruno Lage.

Got to say I’ve been impressed with what GVB has done at Rangers so far besides the first half of the old firm which is their only loss in 17 games.

& Bruno Lage I’ve been very impressive with at Wolves this season, no right to be where they are…he’s seen Adama Traore for what he really is, they look after the ball superbly well & have the 2nd best defensive record in the league.

GVB , i wouldnt rate him just yet as its still Stevies squad. Gerrard left rangers on a strong position in the league when he left them. Any success that GVB would have would have a * in that regard this season atleast.

As for Lage , Yes… He does seem to be doing pretty well although the reason for him letting go of Adama is something i wouldnt buy. Adama did play very well against Atletico the other day.

I’d be very careful with all the Lijnders prognosis.

Being a part of the team, a quality first team assistant coach, doesn’t mean you’ll be a quality first man in charge.

And especially at the very top level.


Agreed. Unless Pep goes and manages a club for some amount of time , it will be way too early to rate him as a manager.

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Agree, just because Pep part of a successful team it doesn’t equate to him being able to do it on his own.

But, and its the reason I mentioned him in my post, he’s clearly a level above what we usually see from other assistant managers. He’s no John Terry or Drunken Ferguson, that are essentially the hype men. He has something about him, and in a few years, if he goes it alone, there’s plenty of reason to be confident he would be good at the job.

Essentially, I think there has to be as much optimism about Pep as there should be caution.


Who the hell is GVB?

Van Bronckhorst

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Lage has impressed me.

Nothing compared to JNK


Exactly. At least wait till they’ve done something of note before giving them an acronym. Otherwise we might as well all be going:

''JN is going a great job but CG is next level with how he’s done but then you have GPG doing sterling work even if he is older. Of course SI looks decent but GP has the experience of the league now that SG has yet to get while PV has shown he has some of the nous yet to be fully shown by FL.

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Viera will be City’s next manager.
Remember where you heard it first!

Potter i would say.

Martinez could be considered… maybe.

Is that DM or RM? :wink:

It’s city not Barca. City won’t be hiring an everton reject.

City won’t hire Potter.

They can have anyone also not sure they will appoint PV, results wise as some Palace fans have pointed out aren’t that different from the Owl Hodgson.