Nike kits, for the midfield money

might look differnet up close, but the pic it’s way to bright. Feel like I should be wearing sunglasses to look at it

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That’s because we will be covered in Gold :wink:

Previously posted a graphic design of what the 23/24 away kit could possibly look like. Here’s how it will actually look based on that green/white colorway:

Reminds me of the 95/96 away/third kit… had Fowler 23 on the back of mine.

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How can we justify 150m for a player

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Any idea when we will see a goalie top?

We saw one against Villa, looks alright.

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Thats horrible.
They should let some of these fans design the kits as they are much better.
Im waiting for the 3rd kit that we wear twice a season and they want £75 for it.

Just bought last seasons lilac and black drill top from the clubshop website - that was £75 for £25…bargain

Ah didn’t watch and only seen the Firmino goal and the offside and challenge