Nike kits, money for our new CB

Being Rab, you wouldn’t understand lol

Yeah the collar itself reminds me of I think it was 1996ish? Home kit.

The end and the flat bit is just horrible though.

Which reminds me that my last couple of home shirts felt like they were choking me. Might have something to do with an increasing neck size…but still design can’t be all that comfortable.

Also it looks shite.

24/25 pre-match shirt. That’s a lovely deep red.


Love the colors but wish it didn’t have that embedded pattern. Strange fit on the shoulders?

I was going get one this year, I might opt for this.

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This should have been the match kit.


Looks a bit like Roma. But looks good nevertheless.


Definitely. It’s infinitely better than that shite match shirt.


I may buy it and restitch the shoulders myself after reading a book on tailoring for idiots.

Or I may just buy the Klopp farewell program.



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Normally you see the new kit and think yeah its ok…then you see it on the players and it looks a lot better…but not this one. Its fucking horrible.

It will over time blend on. The major issue is that collar.

I think it’s fine, but it kind of just looks like the ones from the early 2010s (i.e. I associate it with failure)

It looked as if the top was to warm for the players.