Objective or subjective?

This post got me thinking:

How can you prove that something is indisputably better?

I would say that, when it comes to most things, you can’t.

I haven’t a clue what camp means in this context, where’s the tent?

Anyway Soft Cell were brilliant so I haven’t a clue what this post was about.

I know I am definitely older than I was but only if I can proove the concept of time.

Very true. Like comparing players from different eras.

In musical context it obviously depends on the listeners personal tastes but also what memories a particular song evokes.

Others will point to song popularity or success (I don’t).

Watched Last Night in Soho over the weekend. Really good movie but the soundtrack is fantastic. Helped me remember that I do enjoy some Cilla Black and I learnt that I Got My Mind Set On You, wasn’t a George Harrison original.

I loved the original by Soft Cell. I thought the cover by David Gray was good and a quite different version but prefer the original.

The same way that of the two versions of ‘Tainted Love’ (Gloria Jones and Soft Cell) I prefer the Soft Cell version. Probably because the Soft Cell versions were released in my clubbing/being into music days. :nerd_face:

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There’s only one thing that is indisputable.

Liverpool football club is the best in every way. Even when we’re crap we’re still the best.

Everything else is open to discussion.

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I’d have thought that most comments about something definitely being better is always just an opinion unless you can prove it by an agreed set of standards.

Not sure why this warranted it’s own thread mind.

I just wanted to gather people’s opinions on the broader point of what is subjective and what is objective.

When it’s my opinion it’s objective

When it’s your opinion, and it disagrees with me, then it’s subjective (and wrong).

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I’m always subjectively objective, HTH. :upside_down_face: