One Day in History

This came up watching Dr Who last night. Here’s your choice. You can spend a day at any point in the Earth’s history. You’ll be inconspicuous and have all required funds. What would you do, where would you go and who would you meet? No point adding in where in the universe we’d go as we currently have no idea what’s fun to see so keep it on terra firma. Could possibly be a forum competition @cynicaloldgit

Would you like to be a waiter at the last supper? Meet Genghis Khan? See what’s happening in 3090? Suggest that maybe letting that Trojan horse in is a bad idea? Hiding behind a grassy knoll? Seeing herds of dinosaurs? I think we’re all allowed 3 shots at this, prizes for the best answer. Mine? Well…

  1. Seeing the pyramids being built, preferably the day they finished the great one
  2. Strolling through Rome at the height of its power
  3. VE day in The Royal Oak near us, according to Granny, the best night in history
    So what are your shouts guys and girls?

If you’re undetectable, then I would definitely be watching dinosaurs.

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I don’t like it and hope it won’t happen, but I’ll grab the chance to watch the day the world ended or start to end…due to warmongering idiots.

*You said “in history” but you also mentioned this: “See what’s happening in 3090?” :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m assuming it’s “you can’t rewrite history; not one line” as William Hartnell once said.

I think I would want to be more passive so how about this: 22.12.1808, Theater an der Wien, Vienna.

This was a 4 hour concert of Beethoven premiers, including his 5th and 6th Symphonies.

  1. Midwife for the birth of Hitler.
  2. Midwife for the birth of Saddam.
  3. Midwife for the birth of Putin.
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We’re not trying to change history here, just watch it. Plus, killing any of the above could actually have made things worse.

That’s your suspicious mind jumping to conclusions.
I didnt mention killing anyone.

Not sure many would agree with your logic either.

A stroll through Tudor London. I find that era in our history fascinating. I would defo go to look at the traitors heads on spikes on London Bridge. I wonder who would be up there today?


I think the original London Bridge itself would be fascinating with all those buildings on it.

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I would love to be there at the point the last Dodo bird died, so I could taste it.

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Or draw it?

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