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Dan Carlin on Hardcore History has done episodes on Alexander the Great and has crossed into Ancient Greek history with some of his shows, but I’ve not come across a Mike Duncan bit by bit Ancient Greece history. I’m also interested if it’s out there.


Yeah I tried Carlin but it’s exhausting even if good. It’s more that A to Z style of approach Im looking for.

You don’t have 5 hours to scrape through Dan moaning in ecstasy about how awful parts of history are!! :joy::rofl::rofl:

I like them, but i save them for when I’m in the mood. A quick Google search brings up the history of ancient Greece podcast, but no idea who or what it is.


Or maybe give it a swerve :man_shrugging:

:joy: Fucking great

I’m going to run with this. It looks like it might be projected to end a little earlier than I’d like, but looks a good start

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I’m listening to this currently, a few episodes in, he brings in experts to talk about whatever the subject matter is, it’s pretty good so far.

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That is the one I have seen that gets the hostorian seal of approval, but it looks a bit scattered in its organization. I’m looking for something more chronological

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I’ve started getting into Podcasts over the last few months and this one might be of interest:

The guys who present this grew up on Merseyside so there are quite a few references that people may remember but the focus is on things that scared kids who were growing up in the 70s and 80s: usually things that were actually aimed at kids or that they would easily see but which, in all objectivity, were absolutely terrifying.

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Any mention of Purple Aki?

Just found out he’s dead now.

Not sure if he is dead though, or it is/was a strong rumour he had passed on.
His Wiki page still has him as alive, but not sure if anyone knows for certain either way

He as a wiki page? :joy:


Was standing in a crowded Bus Stop once when he walked past… Strangely, he was making that clucking sound between his tongue and the roof of his mouth - Weird
Massive guy though

Akinwale Arobieke - Wikipedia

“In 2017, Solita Bar and Grill, which owned four restaurants in Manchester, apologised for naming a burger “Purple Teriyaki” in reference to Arobieke’s nickname, after complaints that the name could be construed as racist. The restaurant had posted the name on [Twitter] with a photo of a sign which included an arm squeezing a biceps.”


I came across this series when I was working late last night. It’s a BBC series by the mathematician Hannah Fry, and is 10 short real-life stories where statistics and graphical representations were used to solve real-world mysteries: everything from the Shipman murders, through climate change, to challenging economic orthodoxy.