Podcast Recommendations

Who doesn’t love a good Podcast?

Any subject - it does not matter - sport, science, health, music, whatever floats your boat. Share the Love.

Three that I really enjoy.

  1. Scienceish - The presenters take a fictional work - usually a film - and dissect the science within it - could the Matrix be real - Are driverless cars like Knight Rider a possibility and so on - four seasons so far.

  2. Joe Rogan - The world’s biggest Podcast - some really interesting guests and subjects - some you will agree with, some you won’t

  3. Revisionist History - Malcolm Gladwell delves into the truth of historical events and intelligently explores them usually from a different perspective.


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Just posted in the Things Your Misunderstood thread, but You’re Wrong About is really good - ‎You're Wrong About on Apple Podcasts

Maybe a little liberal in the issues they focus on and want to correct the record on, but they do it well.

I listen to a few podcasts

Clinton Baptistes Paranormal - piss take of those who claim to speak to the dead - you saw Clinton first in Phoenix Nights - he was the physic who said - im getting the word Nonce.

Angelos and Barry - comedy podcast. The guy who plays Clinton plays Barry from Watford - Alex Lowe.

Rockonteurs - Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt interview fellow musicians.

Eddie Trunk Show and Mitch Lafron podcast - interview musicians from the world of Metal/Rock

Comedians Nick Helm and Nathanael Metcalf fan club - talk about films and TV shows

Johnny Vaughan Kickabout Podcast via Radio X - Alternative build up to the weekend sporting action.

Gary Lineker and Danny Baker podcast - funny look at football.

The Anfield Wrap - free podcast - used to pay for it but don’t anymore.

Knowledge Fight - Two comedians listening to Alex Jones’ show and picking it apart. It’s a great resource for understanding the modern right wing.

Opening Arguments - A lawyer talks to a comedian about recent legal arguments.

The Dollop - Two comedians talk about US History, one of them doesn’t know the topic beforehand.

Behind the Bastards - All about the worst people who have ever lived.

Hardcore History - The best pure history podcast out there.

I mostly enjoy the “person tells another person about a thing” style of podcast which is why I don’t like any of the Parcast style ones even though their subject matter is interesting.

My wife and I listen to Shagged Married Annoyed, a comedy podcast with Chris and Rosie Ramsay - I love it because it reminds me of home listening to them, whilst my wife gets a free lesson on the Geordie accent, which should help her understand my mates. My wife and I also listened to My Dad Wrote a Porno - really funny.

Footywise, I listen to;

  • The Anfield Wrap
  • Guardian Football Weekly
  • Totally Football Show

I do like the Joe Rogan Experience, but at over 3hrs an episode, I struggle to devote the time.