Post Match: Arseholes vs Liverpool. Kangaroo Cup. 0-2

  • Kelleher
  • Trent
  • Matip
  • VVD
  • Robertson
  • Henderson
  • Fabinho
  • Jones
  • Gordon
  • Firmino
  • Diogoal
  • Williams
  • Konate
  • Minamino

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Think that covers it for starting the Post Match Thread. Have I missed anything?


A 3rd vote?

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Kanga-fuckin-roooooooo baby!!!


Should be sorted


Thanks for your efforts!

Motm was Diogo for me. As well as the goals, his all round game was great. Never stopped running.

Robbo had a good game also. Just need to decide on my 3rd :laughing:

Great to be in another final again. Looking forward to smashing the chavs.


0-2 flatters the arse. What a good buy Jota was.


Easy win in the end, the reds looked comfortable after a tricky start.

Trent, Jota and Fabinho brilliant. Thought Van Dijk was really good too, it’s often pointed out now when he’s second best to Matip but definitely not tonight. Robertson had a good game as well.

Jota MOTM of course, special display with two seriously good goals. Top player.


arteta has made arsenal into arseholes. Guess that’s due to the bitter influence


That was so easy I just can’t believe it. Hard to do man of the match, Trent , Fab, Jones, Jota , all brilliant. After a weeks rest and almost full strength the Arsenal must be embarrassed. On our way to Wembley. Onwards and upwards.

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Total domination. Should have been four or five. Can only be one MOM Diogo. Best game he’s had for us in his Anfield career.


Diogo an easy MOTM decision.

Fabinho also excellent, and our fullbacks both back to doing what they do best.

But I’ll save a little shoutout to Kelleher, a surprise starter in this one. He didn’t have much to do, but made a couple of important saves, especially tipping Lacazette’s free kick onto the bar in the first half, and generally did an excellent job of playing sweeper keeper on Arsenal’s relatively few counters.

It may be Mickey Mouse Cup, but I feel that winning this cup could be important to morale towards the end of the year, given how the league is currently going. We’re watching a Liverpool team that, were it not for the bottomless spending of City and the Chavs, would/should have swept up several more trophies than we’ve actually been able to accumulate over these past 3-4 years. It’s time to rectify that whenever the opportunity presents itself.


Comfortable win,some good performances tonight.
Still I’m living in the past so only pick 1 .
MOTM has to be Jota.

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We were comfortable forsure; but that was no walk in the park - the lads grafted and got what they deserved. This could easily have been the exact same performance but finishing 2-1 to arsenal if moments hadn’t happened and everyone would be kicking off.

Jota, both goals were wonderfully taken, and with Mo and Sadio missing it was a timely.

Off to Wembley, delighted with that. I really want to see the Hendo shuffle.


You have to give Kelleher the start in the final. I’m fine with playing the full strength outfield starters, but Kelleher should keep his spot.


Great game, onwards to the final. Everyone had a good game. Diogo the obvious stand out, but everyone played well. Second best player over the two legs has to be the Covid Tester. Definitely why we won :grin:

Well done to the pre match thread starter for remembering to call it the Kangaroo cup, much better performance than the first leg - whoever starts the final thread better remember that :wink:

Que Sera Sera, what will be will be. We’re off to Wembley :musical_score:


Sign him up

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Yeah. Kelleher deserves to be playing the finals


Think Jurgen would sign that Martinelli tomorrow if he could


Time for a cheeky 20m + 1 bid.

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