Post Match | Wolves vs. Liverpool | 16/09/2023

All those people who were bemoaning our lack of leadership after the departures of Milly and Hendo are a bit quieter now.


I like that woman :innocent:


I also thought Jones could have kept going and doubled up on Neto but he stopped running and left him to Quansah alone (who’s an inexperienced kid).


Listened to the first half, missed the second completely. Delighted obviously. One wonders if the 3 points gained thanks to our Egyptian king might be worth more than £150m at the end of the season. MOTM for me with honourable mentions to Quansah and United’s back 4.

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Could you have cashed that bet out when Brighton were three up ?

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… and both Chelsea and Arsenal get a 1 day advantage on us!
Just saying.

Abysmal is harsh, but there were lots of misplaced passes, and on several occasions Mac lost the ball after being put in a tough spot by him. He also was not good on their goal. But the second the second half started it was a different situation and he was central to the turn around.


No because Liverpool bet had already gone down. It was a double.

Both results need to be still possible. The bet was down as soon as Wolves scored.

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duh … I was thinking we had won 3-0. :open_mouth:

He, Gomez, Mac and Salah were abysmal!