Pre- and In-Match | Liverpool vs Chelsea | PL Matchday 21 | Saturday January 21 12:30h | Anfield

A must win but aren’t they all from now on :scream:


Gomez - Matip - Konaté - Robertson

Henderson - Bajčetić

Salah - Keïta - Tiago


Match officials could be worse:

Referee: Michael Oliver. Assistants: Stuart Burt, Simon Bennett. Fourth official: Darren England. VAR: John Brooks. Assistant VAR: Constantine Hatzidakis.


Well, it’s probably suitable that @Dutch is starting this one as I will likely miss the match as I will be taking my wife to a birthday bash in the Netherlands.

No doubt I will check out the highlights later. Hopefully I won’t be having a good cry about it.

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Where in the Netherlands?

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Have a great day. :+1:

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Be honest, you only started this thread so that you can post a lineup without Gakpo, right!


Ali Gomez Matip Konate Robbo Bajcetic Thiago Keita Salah Nunez Gakpo

Please don’t select the midfield of death Jurgen, we don’t need another example of how bad they are.

Alisson, back 4 picks itself, Thiago and Salah are also in there for sure.

I highly doubt we’ll see the midfield of last night, still think Henderson will start. Keita did alright, but I don’t see him starting here to be honest.

We’ll see if Nunez is good to start and give us at least an hour, I’m assuming he can.

In that case, I would drop Gakpo and give Jones a start instead of him. Might be too early, but I’m also hoping he can at least give us an hour (I admit that it might be a stretch to have both Jones and Nunez in such “conditions” from the start).

There is a possibility that Klopp keeps the 4-3-3 structure with a few ‘expected’ changes.

I would possibly try to disrupt/attack Chelsea’s build up and insecurities at the back with a structure change to a 4-4-2, release Salah and Nunez centrally.

Sort of:

Trent Matip Konate Robertson
Henderson Fabinho Thiago Jones
Salah Nunez

Subs: Kelleher, Gomez, Tsimikas, Bajcetic, Milner, Keita, Elliott, Chamberlain, Gakpo.

In a more braver version, possibly drop Fabinho, tuck Hendo alongside Thiago and play maybe Elliott on the right of that midfield ‘4’. Bajcetic is in with a shout surely, but again, before Klopp really does it in a stage and game like this, I’ll be suspicious.


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Gomez - Matip - Konate - Robertson
Keita - Bajcetic - Thiago
Salah - Nunez - Gakpo

Need to keep the same midfield. Why persist with Henderson and Fabinho when they getting worse with every game. There is more energy with Bajcetic and Keita and less hoof ball.


In my opinion Fabinho or Henderson should not be starting, sorry but what a shit message is Klopp sending if they stink the place out for weeks, the midfield goes up many levels with them dropped and they then retain their place just because it’s Chelsea.

Maybe one of them starting for freshness but I’d be having one of Bjatecic or Keita playing… It’s a 3 day gap between games and we then have a week till our next game.


Milner - Konate - Gomez - Robertson

Henderson - Bjatecic - Thiago

Salah - Gakpo - Nunez

Would be my starting line up. Trent has shown nothing to warrant starting these days, Robertson whilst pretty poor in possession actually tries to defend.

Konate and Gomez were excellent, they should continue building that partnership.

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Yeah I noted this in his post match comments. I do hope the feelings he had post Saturday linger in his mind when he makes the decision this Thurs/Fri.

Think the boss needs to make a point with this one, not just put the ‘automatic starters’ back in. So i’d stick with the same line up last night as much as possible bar Gakpo and Tsmikas (who weren’t great). If Milner can handle another 60mins and full pace then put him in, but I’ve gone with TAA, would rather Gomez plays at CB.


This isn’t me advocating for Henderson and Fabinho to return, on the contrary. But I could definitely see Klopp reinstating his tried and trusted midfield for this one for a host of different reasons, some of which we won’t be even aware of.

It won’t mean that Klopp is blind or that he’s playing favourites, just the fact that we’re playing a much better opponent and there are fitness concerns might be enough for him to make changes.

I just hope that the pitchforks won’t come out if that proves to be the case.

Those pitchforks will be fully justified if the same old tired midfield produces the same old tired performance again.


Fitness concerns would be the biggest issue for me.

Problem with saying trusted midfield, he dropped two, one didn’t even get on the pitch after a game in which he basically said he was let down and had to go to the fans and ask for forgiveness.

Wolves are not garbage we played our first 11 a few weeks back with this CM and should have lost at home against a mixed Wolves team.

I don’t mind a case of 2 out of 3 but I simply don’t trust that midfield three, Thiago looked far better in that two with Bajectic.

So if you go with Thiago and Hendo that doesn’t concern me but it has to be Thiago in that two as he is the only one of the “trusted” three I do trust currently.

Hendo would be my choice on rest but further ahead it has to Naby or someone not Thiago, he needs to be in the two.

For the chelsea game, there could be very good reasons (fitness concerns) why it won’t be the same midfield but if they give another performance that we have grown used to this season then there is no good reason to persist with Henderson and Fabinho after the chelsea game.

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Agreed, it’s up to him to pick the ones who will deliver. If he goes with Fabinho and Henderson again and they fail again, the fans will have every right to question his decision. But not before a ball has been even kicked.

We’re shit!. They are utter shit!

Got a feeling this could be a proper snoozefest