Pre and In Match Thread. Liverpool vs Burnley. EPL. Sat 21st Aug 2021. 1230 hrs

First home game of the new season…
Expect Fabinho to start, maybe for Milner. I can see Keita keeping his place and a bit of a battle for the other midfield slot.

These are owed a thumping after last year.


Amen to that.


Think the back 5 will remain the same given we got the clean sheet and they were pretty solid overall. Mane, Salah and Keita should be starting as there’s no reason to drop them. Fabinho should be starting this one if he is fit. I presume Ox gets another chance as well, he could be very useful against teams like Burnley alongwith Jota. Interestingly, we could go with both Bobby and Jota instead of Ox and either of Jota/ Bobby. In either of the two cases, I think we’ll be on fire.

First home game, fans returning. We’ll be buzzing for sure. Win this and can relax for the rest of the weekend, early kick offs scare me just for this one reason.

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Personally I would keep Millie in the starting line up. We need a captain out there!
To add to my thinking, we don’t want VVD losing his concentration and twisting his ankle or something silly, give him a bit more time before handing him the band.
If Fabs gets the call I think Keita will drop to the bench.
Yet I am not Klopp and Klopp has proven many times that I am incapable of reading his mind when it comes to line ups and positionning. :cry:


Same 11 except Fab replacing Chamberlain. Joel and Virgil will handle their high balls into the box, the ginger one can’t be happy after the Brighton defeat so let’s give then another :wink:.


I think Hendo will come in for Milly, so no need to worry about who the captain will be.


TAA - Matip VVD-Kostas

Hendo - Fab- Keita

Mo- Jota- Sadio

Mane looks hungry and seems to have a lot less forehead than last season. Need some of that myself.

Anfield should be pumping. Will need to make sure we see the same energy levels and movement as preseason to beat the Dyche bus.

Just bag the 3 points and onto the next one.


That sounds good, hope it is though feel Hendo might come on later replacing Millie. That would up the chances of Keita starting imo.
How many subs are permitted?

Yes, or Milly might replace him after 60 minutes or thereabouts.

3 subs if I’m not mistaken.

All I wanna see is Naby starting, for at least the first five games. He needs minutes, and if he is fit, he starts.

The rest will take care of itself coz they’re shit and we’ll smash 'em.


Hope Fabinho starts I’m fine with the rest.


Thiago and Henderson probably need this game off too then I guess.

I’d give Virgil a game off this time. Need to take his recovery slowly , He is only playing at 60% and instead start with Matip and Gomez in CB

TAA Gomez Matip Tsimikas
Ox Fab Keita
Salah Jota Mane

Bobby to play the role of super-sub this time around too.

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Trent Matip Van Dijk Tsimikas
Milner Keita
Salah Firmino Mane

Kelleher, Gomez, Konate, Henderson, Elliot, Jones, Thiago, Ox, Jota,

Hendo off the bench for Milner on sixty. He shone in a closed doors friendly against Villa, apparently.


I’m guessing both Thiago and Henderson get minutes here, one way or another. I believe both played 80 in the training match vs Villa, so that’s good. Maybe the target is to get them ready to start vs Chelsea.

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I think we win this 10-3

Probably very similar team to the last game, and probably a similar result.


Any news as to why Gomez hasn’t trained with the team? (Read on TIA)

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This could potentially be the noisiest day in the history of the stadium! Would have loved to have been at this match. My prediction is that we give them a severe, workmanlike thudding and let the world know that if you’re coming to play at Anfield you better bring some fucking earplugs and a hankie, wankers :smile::+1:t2:


Referee: Mike Dean and VAR: Stuart Attwell are the match officials, so no penalty’s for us, not even when the two Burnley centre-halves decide to start playing volleyball in their own box …

We still win 3-1.

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Don’t think we need to worry about a captain with Virg on the pitch!

I like the idea of playing Jota and Bobby, rather than Ox

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Didn’t I cover that in my post?