Pre-match: Lincoln City v Liverpool, Thursday 24th Sept 1945 GMT

Ooh, look at this, I’m getting in on the pre-match thread bandwagon :grin:

Looks like an easy enough one on paper, and surely a good chance to rotate the squad a bit with a big game against Arsenal four days later.

Don’t want to weaken the side too much, but wouldn’t mind seeing something like:


Neco, Gomez (if fit again), VVD, Kostas


Keita, Jones

Elliott, Minamino, Jota

Reckon that’s a good mix of youth, experience, rotation and giving some of the new lads a decent game to start in.

If Gomez isn’t fit in time, switch him for Fab again.


No need to play any first teamers surely, except maybe Milner. Big game against Arsenal coming up.


Not sure we need to use first eleven to beat this shite,big season ahead and i’m personally not too arsed with this cup tbh.


I think injuries have forced our hand a little bit - Shaq, Ox, Matip, Hendo all going to miss out, reckon the first three of those would have been certain starters if fit.

I’d play VDB and Koumetio (if fit, Phillips if not) in this one. Take no risks with our first team centre backs and some good experience for the pair. Van Den Berg is getting better and was good against similar opposition in Shrewsbury, no major concerns there for me.

Probably go 4231. Jones and Milner in the 2 and 4 from Elliot, Shaqiri, Origi, Jota, Minamino. Use the likes of Cain and Clarkson if we need more bodies in midfield.

I never used to like us picking a team like that but the Everton, Arsenal and Shrewsbury games have changed my mind. We can rely on our kids to get us past teams like this. Even if they don’t, we’re competing for the big honours anyway and these trophies pale in significance.


I predict…glances into crystal ball while taking a sip of a cup of coffee victory.

This will be the game where we will probably see starter line ups that we are not used to seeing. I think Klopp will use this game to gel players and give various players match time. VDJ will probably start, but most of the ones who started against Chelsea will either be benched or maybe not even be in the squad. It could also be that Klopp only changes a few, but I do think we are talking about something like 8.

I agree with @ILLOK, I’d rest our CBs for this one. Have Gomez on the bench maybe as a late run out might be useful for his fitness. Would keep Thiago back as well, the 45 minutes against Chelsea was really useful, no need to risk an injury early on in our season against lower league opposition. Better to have him fresh and better acclimatised for Arsenal.

I’d go with

Williams Koumetio Phillips Tsimikas
Minamino Milner Jones
Elliott Origi Jota

Bench something like: Adrian, Gomez, VdB, Wijnaldum, Keita, Grujic, Firmino (Cain and Clarkson on the bench could be a good shout)

That’s assuming Brewster’s about to be transferred.


Rotation as usual for cups

—————Adrian or Kelleher——————-
Neco——-Joe————-Billy——— Tmikisas
——— Curtis———— Oxlade——————
—Elliott———Minamino——— Jota———



3-0 to us

Note: Is Wilson still alive? Brewster will be off by then I reckon.

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Wouldn’t mind accidently getting knocked out of this to be honest.

Virg won’t play in this one. Billy or Nat Joe Neco and Kostas

Don’t know what the team will be, but we’ll surely get minutes for Williams and Tsimikas, the two young centre backs, Milner, Jones, Elliot, and Origi.

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Too early. We want to go much deeper for the sake of our squad. It is the perfect way to blood and gel players in a setting where the result is not super important.

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No need to be risking our first teamers only Gomez.

Adrian, Williams, Gomez, Phillips, Tsimikas, Jones, Grujic, Milner, Minamino, Origi, Joto.


I wonder if Grujic or Wilson will feature in this game. If they don’t it will be the clearest sign yet that they aren’t wanted. Although we already know that. However, that will be depressing for the player and his market value.

If they feature, they might just put on a good show to impress potential suitors.

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I’d go with something like


Williams Gomez VDB Tsimikas
Milner Jones
Shaqiri Minamino Jota

Bench: Keheller Phillips Clarkson Gruijic Woodburn Elliot Brewster (if hes not off)

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Is Shaq available? That would be a miracle!

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He’s been seen training, but it’s a long time until Thursday.


Smash them. They’re probably shit.


Neco, VDB, Koumetio, Tsimikas
Jones, Fab/Milner
Origi, Minamino, Elliot

Should be a nice line up and should be able to get the job done. I kinda want to see Fabinho play in his favoured position again before we put him back in centre back potentially for the Arsenal game. Perfect game too for Jota and Minamino to get run outs.


Yep that’s the side and keen to see the 2 new guys plus Mina and Elliot.

It’s time this club won a domestic Cup