Pre Match Thread - Fulham vs Liverpool , Premier League , 21st April, 16:30

Tough match coming up for us here. The win at Atalanta away hopefully gives us confidence to put the shit behind us and keep pace with City.

Every match is a must win and Fulham aren’t pushovers, they’ve troubled us quite a bit of late.


Pluck my ball hairs or watch the game? Decisions, decisions, decisions. It’s a tossup which activity will be more exciting.

Chance to set a psychological marker here, we play twice before City play away to Brighton on Thursday night.
Fulham and Everton are absolute must win games, and could see us sitting 4 points above City before they play next.
They spend a large part of the remainder of the season playing catch up in games, we need to make sure they’re chasing in points too.

Any more displays like last night and we can fucking forget any fairytale ending for Jurgen.

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Operation clean sheets.
Clean sheet please!


It does make life so much easier. We actually won last night (although it doesn’t feel like it) and a clean sheet with a spot (kick) of luck can make all the difference.


Becker was great like back to his best, found his footwork as well (seems to have done him good being out, looks hungry).
We need at least one of our strikers to find that!

P.S I’am bored/frustrated with 1-1 so refreshing to find something else I hope it brings us luck.


Ali Trent Quansah Virgil Robbo Mac Grav Harvey Salah Jota Gakpo


Just. Don’t. Concede. It’s fine to be 0-0 at half time. So no silly mistakes, no lapses in concentration, no gifts. Nothing to give these encouragement. Nothing for them to defend. Nothing to get the crowd up.


Doom and gloom abound here. That’s understandable. To a point.Coming from last season (a low from the almost perfect high of 2021-22), to a new midfield, missing out on a couple of priority signings, etc.

Got ourselves into contention. Then injuries struck. Somehow, Klopp and backroom staff working miracles to get to a great position. A few games back, seemed like players were returning and we could step up a notch.

Instead, we’ve hit a brick wall. That sucks, like our recent finishing. Out of the FA Cup in diabolical circumstances. dropping points in the league left right and centre, and crashing out of Europe. We find ourselves in third place, two points behind, with an inferior goals column.

Six league games left. The old adage of taking a game at a time, and seeing where we end up. Arses losing last weekend, with us losing at home too, shows that twists can still happen. Those supporters giving up are pessimistically inclined. Yes, Man City are heavy favourites. But two points difference and six games left, it’s still up for grabs.

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Seems like the only way to get some wins in the team’s current state. The days of dominating the opposition are gone for now.

Problem is that I don’t see us capable of not making at least one big mental mistake defensively. Last night felt like the exemption to the rule.

This exactly Dane. We’ve fucked up already but we now need to knuckle down and apply a little bit of pressure to make sure the cheaters (and the Lego man’s men) know that if they don’t keep winning they’ll drop the title.


I might leave the forum to the end of the season you lot are more depressing than a Rishi Sunak policy announcement.


It’s been a pretty sad three weeks on the pitch, @mattyhurst

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As others have said, the nil at the back is crucial. Don’t give them any early goal to hold on to, stay focused defensively, and then the chances will present themselves for us to score a goal.

I’ll be over the moon with an unspectacular one nil win, and the three points.


This is the game I want to see a performance in. The players have a chance to write off the past few weeks, and just go for it in our final games. 4 away games and 2 home games. That’s tough, but it’s possible.

I’ll be worried if we perform poorly on Sunday, but for now, I’ll give the players the benefit of the doubt. No excuses anymore. They know what they have to do. They’re not just doing it for Klopp and us as fans, but for the incoming manager too.


While Liverpool have come back after conceding a goal early in the season, I do get the feeling that we’ve ran out of steam.

In an ideal world with fair refereeing , we would have been atleast 6-7 points ahead of the cheats and these games would largely have been academic.

But yeah , like what others have mentioned here. It’s vital that we do not concede the first goal. Hopefully Trent and Jota get back up to speed quickly.

Yeah but it’s still less depressing than a Rishi Sunak policy.

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Trent made a massive difference in the first half against Atalanta. It’s amazing how quickly some have forgotten what a good player he is. This was his team before he got injured.


Hopefully the malaise that bit us the last few weeks is at least partially resolved with a win and clean sheet last night.

I was very confident last Sunday morning, less so today, but atill believing until I can’t anymore.

Big games needed from everyone.

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There’s a memo, pay attention mate :wink:

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