PreMatch | Liverpool vs Cardiff | FA Cup 4th Round | Sunday February 6th 12:00h | Anfield

Potentially we play on that spare week as well.

Wait that’s a CL isn’t it, probably won’t then.

Anyone involved international I’d probably rest.

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Is this game on TV :tv:

Oh yeah!

Let’s end the season on 50 major trophies (so, two more).


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If you’re in the UK it’s on ITV.

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If we go all the way in all competition we‘ll have 28 games in 16 weeks (+ international breaks).

The break comes at a very good time.

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Managed to blag another day off work. Last round i was in the Kenny stand. This round I’ll be in the main stand. Want a nice mix of kids and experience. Cup runs are great for morale, just look at the LC. Give a few of the kids a chance to test thir mettle against championship players while keeping enough experience in to manage the game.


Seems that the players were given a few days off.


Is that Dubai???

This one will be a mix of youth and first team. There are a flurry of games after that leading to the European Cup match in Milan so we will want to be bringing players up to speed again. The 5 subs are essential for that.

We can’t really say exactly who will start until the internationals are over. Keita is already coming home and there is a good chance that one of Salah or Mane will be back before then.

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There are too many senior players who can do with some pitch-time, specially to keep them sharp in the case they are needed in the PL & CL games.

Kelleher: six games, 540 minutes

Tsimikas: 16 games, 1057 minutes
Neco: eight games, 387 minutes

Konaté: 13 games, 1078 minutes
Gomez: 12 games, 440 minutes
Nat: four games, 224 minutes could be sold during this window

Curtis: 15 games, 997 minutes
Milner: 22 games, 872 minutes
Thiago: 14 games, 792 minutes fitness permitting
Keïta: 16 games, 745 minutes fitness permitting
Morton: eight games, 515 minutes
Elliott: four games, 250 minutes possibly too early to return

Firmino: 20 games, 1038 minutes
Minamino: 18 games, 732 minutes
Origi: ten games, 393 minutes fitness permitting
Gordon: four games, 242 minutes

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Sorry to sound like a sour old git, but it grates me that the players think they have to advertise a place like Dubai by playing golf there and publishing pics from themselves. Dubai is a part of the UAE, who are more than questionable on a political level and are currently involved in waging a murderous war in Yemen. Not impressed at all.

There, I’ve had my say, and will now take my coat…


Yeah I agree I find that programme on BBC 2 equally deplorable.


Yeah, I didn’t like that either. Are we doing a warm-weather camp there again or something?

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No suggestion we were heading out, I assume the players might have been given the ability as long as they went together.

If not glad to see the lads together but yeah

Expecting a starting11 similar to those who started vs Preston and Norwich in the League Cup.

And probably none of them is going to start vs Leicester a few days later.

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I don’t think JK will go into the Leicester game with a team full of players who haven’t kicked a ball for 18 days.

I think we’ll be more or less full strength for Cardiff with the likes of Divock (if fit), Gomez and Tsimikas getting a good half hour too.


I think both of you are wrong. We have five games in 13 days and Klopp will keep shuffling his pack. It’s a matter of managing the minutes of those who have already played a lot (Henderson, VVD) while giving minutes to the irregulars (Keita, Tsimikas).

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How very dare you.