Premier League 2022/23

In that season in which we came back we had been top at Christmas.

There is nothing at the moment to suggest we can turn around that, there isn’t much in the return of injuries eithier. Diaz is March if then, Jota takes usually about a month to get going. VVD had looked slightly better before he was injured.

Firmino seems to have disappeared.

Impossible of course not, unlikely though.

I’ll choose to be optimistic that we’re capable of going on a lengthy unbeaten run, especially so when our injury list begins to clear.


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Can’t stand drink drivers.


Based on form hard to disagree with Carragher. If we have some top midfielders rather than strikers coming back from injury I’d be more optimistic.

Do you mean if we had? We don’t have any top midfielders at the club nevermind to come back from injury.

Top in my book.