Premier League 2022/23 (Part 1)

The fixture list for next season is due to be announced on Thursday. So, ahead of the new season a few polls to give your predictions:

League winner

  • City
  • Liverpool
  • Chelsea
  • United
  • Spurs
  • Arsenal

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Top Scorer

  • Salah
  • Haaland
  • Kane
  • Nunez
  • Ronaldo
  • Son
  • Other

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Most assists

  • De Bruyne
  • Trent
  • Robbo
  • Son
  • Kane
  • Salah
  • Other

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Fulham, Forest, and Bournemouth are the promoted teams with Forest being the only one of the three to have had a protracted absence from the top flight. Fulham have yo-yo’d a fair bit and it looks like Bournemouth could do the same after their stable period in the pl prior to relegation.

Questions over how the european places will pan out are more interesting this year perhaps than others; in addition to the usual suspects West Ham are strong European contenders - especially if they keep hold some key players, and Wolves narrowly missed out last year which could be attributed to their disastrous start before Bruno Lage’s appointment, and Newcastle since appointing Howe have been in some fantastic form. Also who, other than Liverpool, City, and probaly Chelski, occupies that final cl spot will be interesting - spurs got it last season but I expect will be dumped into the Europa League by the end of the group stages.

One glaringly unusual aspect to this season is the addition of five subs, which will allow teams to better manage player minutes and develop youth prospects. Oh, and apparently theres some little World Cup thingy in December :man_shrugging:

Before the fixtures have been announced Gareth Southgate has confirmed talks between the FA and the PL to avoid big six fixtures and key derbies in the run up to the world cup and, while I can understand why he wants to avoid that, it just feels a bit wrong to have active fixture manipulation.

What are you looking forward to most next season?
Who do you think will get European footy?
Which teams will be surprise packages?
Which teams will struggle?
Who will win the whole thing?
Who’s getting booted down a league?


Expecting we win this one by c. 15 points, quite frankly.


1 - seeing our new-look attack tearing defences a new one
2 - CL - Us, City, Chelsea, Spurs, EL Arsenal, United, ECL - who cares
3 - Everton, but for the wrong reasons, another relegation battle beckons. I think Forest will surprise people by finishing highest of the promoted clubs
4 - Everton, Fulham, Bournemouth to go down. If we’re talking struggles, Wolves might have a rough season
5 - us!
6 - er, see #4!

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Us as usual

I think it might be the same top 4, the order might change but I do think Spurs are a couple of notches ahead of Arsenal and Man Utd and I can’t see out of that lot, though I’m going throw in Leicester for a Europa league spot so you can laugh at that when it fails. Maybe Newcastle as a side bet.

Leicester, I also think Brentford might get top ten, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Newcastle do well.

Bournemouth, their form was awful going into the end of the season and I’m not sure if they will right that sad to say. Soton probably will struggle.

Won’t predict that, thought we would last season so the pain felt too much, keep my cards close to my chest though I’ve bought a red shirt and under Klopp that’s meant the title or the CL.

Everton hopefully. I think Leeds will be fine, Soton will struggle and I have a feeling Forest will after a good start.

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And we will, if our games are reffed the same way City’s are.


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Closing this thread until I can work out how to merge topics :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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This is a (terrible) piece on the impact of 5 subs next season

I states it will be bad for competitiveness, assume that is true, and then just restates it over an again saying it wont be good.

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I think it’s fine, if you trust your squad. In fact it might see a few more players come through due to it. Unless your Pep and you play the same 14 players.

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Yeah, it sounds counter intuitive, but the better your best players are, as is the case with the top teams, the harder they are to replace with subs without drop off. I’m sure some teams will be better served by this, but I dont buy the argument that for any given game it so clearly an advantage of the top teams. I think far more important and consistently beneficial for the top teams is the mitigation against the workload of competing on multiple fronts.

I do strangely think it will benefit us.

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Anyone predicted our first 5 league games?

I’m going City Away, Forest H, Chelsea Away, Fulham Home, Spurs away, Everton Home.

If you notice the pattern, clever you.

It doesn’t spell “c**ts”

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There was a ‘leak’ on Twatter that Mrs CDO saw that had Cheaty at home to Bournemouth first game and us away at Newcy Arabia. It had us down as hosting Cheaty on September 17th. :thinking::nerd_face:

Relegation candidate doesn’t count.