Premier League 2022/23


Arsenal very lucky there. Good save.

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Ramsdale got a finger on that.

Arsenal are so deadly.

Palace very close to 3-2 there, that was a foot past the post.

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Great finish by Saka for 4-1. Weird game, that — Arsenal were very much in control for most of it, gave up a goal, looked really creaky and almost went to 3-2, and then kill the game off. Goals change games.

Palace have played well and courageously. This bottom of the table scrum fascinates. So many of these bottom eight sides play each other in the run in. Going to be fun.


I’m just glad we got 40 pts as at one point I was wondering.

Cheers Everton :wink:


Remember when Zaha almost transferred there, and it would have been seen as a positive career move?

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Saka the first and only player at the moment with double figures of goals and assists (12+10) in the league.

Great talent and already a high quality player.


Hodgson back in charge of Palace. Some of the clubs in this league really have no idea wtf they’re doing, do they? I don’t really follow other leagues but this constant regurgitation of the same shit managers can’t be normal, surely.

I get they have to get to the end of the season and not get relegated but you can’t tell me there isn’t a better option out there than a 75 year old Xamex Neuchatel translation.


Absolute panic by Palace. Hodgson is going to immediately go with the oldest players in the squad and fuck over all the young players that were breaking through there.


Absolutely terrible decision. In 12th, but just 3 points above relegation, Palace need nothing so much as a win or two. Hodgson at his best was a guy who got outmatched teams to snatch a win from a dull draw, but was really focused on getting the draw in the first place with that plodding ‘two banks of 4’. Palace has the attacking talent to get the wins they need to stay safe. Hodgson is going to shut that down, and watch most of the next 5 teams pass them.

Case in point - their very next match is home vs. Leicester (17th). They need that win. Leicester will take that point happily. The next 5 are Leeds, Southampton, Everton(h), Wolves, West Ham(h) - every one of them below them in the table right now. Maybe a draw is ok for the away games, but won’t do anything to actually get them to safety relative to those sides. They need to turn those home matches into 3 points.

Looking in detail at their run out, this decision looks even dumber than I thought. They have just two matches against top half sides left in ten matches - and one of those is Fulham in 9th, probably won’t be top half when they meet. No wonder they are on a poor run.

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If he takes them down maybe it will dispel the myth.

Saw with Big Sam a bit, is it a coincidence he hasn’t managed since?

Be a bit depressing end to his career if he did but frankly he now reminds me of an 85 year old bloke who used to manage the local team in my village, he would still turn up on a Saturday barking orders years after he had retired.

The club just let him do it but told the players to ignore him. Was very sad but yeah that’s the vibes I’m getting.

Rumor is Palace wanted him, but Totts are already in talks with his agent.

The split in the table is actually quite remarkable, like two different leagues (maybe 3). 20th to 12th is a span of 4 points, 11th to 6th is a span of 4 points, but 11th to 12th is 11 points. I don’t recall seeing a year quite like this.

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The unnamed player whose start of the season was disrupted by rape allegations is now facing an additional claim

BREAKING NEWS: Wolves have been charged by the FA for failing to control their players in the 98th minute of their 4-2 defeat against Leeds on Saturday.

I reckon they should get the same punishment Juve got earlier, a mere 15 point deduction.

£371.8m losses over the last 3 years, tut tut…strict no no.

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