Premier League 2023/24 (Part 1)

JK should play the ‘Footballer’s Football Podcast’ in the dressing room, before the West Ham game.
Job done, no need for a team talk.


No need, just embarrass Antonio repeatedly by not letting him get the ball (except for kickoffs, repeatedly).


Would the players bother listening to that shit? Whenever I’ve seen Antonio in post match interviews he never says anything with a straight face anyway.

He could play killing me softly by the Fugees before the game, we’re still handing out a savage ass whooping.

Might be hard from his position warming up on the sidelines. Could trip him up when he’s running past, I suppose.

All he did is say he think they’ll win. I dont know why that causes so much upset.


Not Cool Smh GIF by ABC Network


You know who we still owe a leg breaker? T-Rex

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I’d far rather humiliate people on the field than mutilate them.


He’s used to that on a match by match basis. It’ll have no effect on him

West ham have been playing decently well. I suppose this is going to be a similar match for us to Aston Villa

I’d take a similar scoreline.


I think it might be a bit tougher they appear to be better, Villa to me had bullied two weak sides and been destroyed by Newcastle before they met us.

There wasn’t anything to suggest it would be a difficult match. I feel West Ham will set up similar to the Brighton game.

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not underestimating them , we need to turn up to win


Ward-Prowse has genuinely been great so far for West Ham.


This Kudus lad looks dangerous as well

Not looking forward to the games today.

City, Everton and ManU all going to win their games.

Everton are away to Brentford - there is no chance of them getting anything from that game.

Brentford 3-0 is my tip


Everton will lose.
Other two games are draws.

He said, more in hope than reality!

I think Everton will win though.

There has to be a new owner bounce.

Except the sale has still to be finalised as there are questions about the ownership structure which the P/L haven’t signed off on yet