Question for Bakers

Do any of you guys know if there’s a difference in the buns used for sliders w.r.t the buns used for burgers except the size of the buns ?

Trying to start out a mini-burger(slider) thing IRL. Any input is very valued.

Also if there’s any ideas for Veg Sliders considering India’s a place which has a chunk of it’s population as Veg

Massive. Also depends what’s available where you are. If you’re making from scratch (I do) try the different base doughs and experiment. I use my own basic bread base:

500g plain flour or strong bread flour.
Very good slug of olive oil
quick acting bread yeast
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon sugar

Usual actions and bake away :slight_smile:

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the closest we get to slider buns are what we called “pav” in India. I guess might mean the same in Portuguese as well.

How’s the texture and taste of a typical slider bun different from that of a burger bun. I’ll have to try and explain this to my local baker so that I can get something close to the actual one. This is for making in bulk for a business idea so I doubt i’ll be doing any baking

Depends where you have them. Far more popular in the USA than UK. Quite rare here, I probably have one of the few slider presses in the country :wink:

Have had so many flavours of bun in the USA and whilst you can artisan it to death, simple white roll recipe for me please.

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There’s definitely a sweetness to a slider bun vs a burger bun (in the USA at least). I would google King’s Hawaiian rolls which are the “gold standard” of slider buns in the US. I personally believe they can be too sweet (due to their mass production and the US’ addiction to sugar), but I believe it would be a good start for your research. Hope this helps!

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