Reform of English Football

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Maybe you should change the title to Protection Of Their Own Selfish Interests? :thinking:


It seems like a no-brainer to agree that we obviously need reform and independent regulation, but honestly because of the people involved this does seem hypocritical and an attempt to maintain the Sky Football status quo.

Brings us massive questions over the FA who surely are supposed to be regulating the sport.

Is it even possible to be independent in football with the money now involved? Most at the top level will want to protect what they have and what they can get from the game.

It’s also a shame that nobody ever felt the need to do anything of this level over the issue of racism in football.

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Yes however they have little to no control over the EPL and their doings which is club run. I think this must be one of the points.

FA has been a stinking mess for a long time and put many lower division clubs in dire straits with their loan schemes that they back out of in controversial manner.
Also they haven’t managed to promote the game enough to have sufficient refs or coaches. Yet cry that there’s not enough decent English players to win competitions.

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I think this initiative should have come from the fans/fan groups. Said so, in the ESL thread.

If the media puppets are allowed to drive the narrative, things will only get worse.

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The grass roots and lower league supporters have been on this since the birth of the EPL there’s nothing new. Just noone listens until some pampered nitwit barges in.
Just waiting for Rashford to take the lead so he gets all the credit, knighthoods and other fancy decorations just for the same people to end up still running the game.

Is it a lost cause, yes because ultimately as the BBC have told us ‘who cares?’

Rules and regulations will change and be brought in that will just worsen the situation but will be hailed as game changers.

How can these pampered fools know what the real problems are?
How far will a pampered fool go to get what’s right for the game?
It’s the same all over, the world’s in the hands of the wrong people and that doesn’t look like changing.

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People need to be very fucking careful with these sort of petitions and calling for the government to get involved.

FIFA fucking hate any sort of government meddling in football and will kick countries out if the government gets involved. Aus was threatened with it in the late 90’s when Soccer Australia went bankrupt and it ended up in the courts trying to sort out the shitfight that was how the game had been run in Aus before then.

Spain were threatened with being kicked out of a WC not that long ago due to political interference in the Spanish FA. And don’t even bother trying to understand Oceania as football there is just a complete fucking basketcase.

She’s an LFC fan by the way

I get where you are coming from but FIFA kicking out a couple of big associations may seriously be the only way to actually get some reform!

EPLexit incoming

see ya goodbye GIF by Walt Disney Studios

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Clubs get in trouble for ignoring fans.
Consult fans.
Ignore fans.