Religion in all its Forms

I see the head of a howling wolf.

This thread got fun all of a sudden.

I’m disturbed that my mind works like @Dane’s.

There’s only one thing for it…


I’m disturbed that you could think anything about us is similar.

Funny isn’t it that although we’re united (no capital) by a common club, we’re all so different.

So about the 2025 TAN football tournament? @Dane can play in goal.

Erm, no thanks
GK is for fat twats or those who are shit outfield.
I’m neither

That seems to be the consensus.


Pareidolia is an odd thing because it varies by culture. Some people will see Jesus in a piece of burnt toast which is, frankly, preferable to the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish pastry.

Why is it preferable? Surely a properly baked pastry is preferable to burnt toast.

Because some people would take umbrage with the pastry maker over such blasphemy.

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Just to confuse matters…


Absolutely, I’m a one off.

I’ll consider it a lucky coincidence

That’s why I’m a GK and I’m no longer fat. Thought your knee was goosed though?

It was.
A torn ACL doesn’t keep a Scotsman down for long

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