Rhys WILLIAMS: 2021/22

First Name: Rhys
Surname: Williams
Squad Number: 46
Position: Defender
Height: 1.95m
Weight: TBD
D.O.B.: 03.02.2001.
Town of Birth: Preston
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English

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We have only Colossal Centre Backs.


I like him. He’s got a long way to go, obviously, but I’d rather watch him develop over the rest of the season than pay over the odds in January.


My only worry is he seems bloody slow in a foot race,


So was Sami Hyypia. It’s about positioning; you rarely see Virgil sprint, as he doesn’t have to, due to knowing where to be.

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Yeah, big mistake for the Bergwijn chance but solid overall.

He’s really, really good on the ball. That’s one thing he has over Philips and the difference is massive IMO. The pass to Robertson leading up to our first goal was sublime.


The tackle/pass for a Salah chance in the second half was brilliant.


It’s amazing how we keep finding solutions in the squad to the issues we face.

Midfield light because Ox, Thiago and Keita are all crocked at the same time? No problem, Jones will come in and play like he’s been a first-teamer for years.

World-class goalie injured and his stand-in’s form has collapsed? No problem, we’ll give this young Irish lad his debut and he’ll be outstanding.

Our three first-choice CBs are all injured at the same time? No problem, we’ll play this lad who was playing non-league football last season and he’ll fit in seamlessly.

It’s not amazing, of course, it’s the result of years of patience and hard work by a team of coaches dedicated to developing talented youth, and it’s paying off big-time.

What injury crisis?


I noticed how he was instructing both Fabinho and Becker at times

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I imagined he would play tonight because I thought Klopp wouldn’t risk Nat Phillips against a side like Tottenham. I didn’t expect him to play this well, though. Still early days and injuries forced Klopp’s hand but I think Rhys featured in all of Liverpool’s CL matches this season and he made his PL debut against Tottenham and he’s hardly put a foot wrong - aside from that misjudged header that fell to Bergwijn.

Tottenham game has been his best overall so far, in my opinion, he played some very nice passes, he was (mostly) excellent in the air, very composed in possession. I’m struggling not to think that Liverpool might have a solid squad player here for the future on the account of games so far. That said, I don’t think he’s been tested against PL brutish strikers, nor against very quick ones, I genuinely have no idea how good or bad he is in one on ones. The basics are there, though, a common theme with all the Liverpool academy graduates these days. Liverpool have lost quite a few players this season but I hope they have gained some decent ones with Jones, Rhys, Neco and Kelleher.

I thought it was Fabinho’s header that fell to Bergwijn?

I meant the one right at the start of the second half. Fabinho was beaten in the air by Son, leading to Bergwijn hitting the post. Heart in mouth moments, both of them, even in this season!

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Ah yes, that one. I was thinking of the one when he hit the post. Trent was pretty casual in trying to get goalside of Bergwijn for that earlier one, I think.


He did very well. Couldn’t ask for more. Amazing progression since he was non league a year ago.
Mind you, he was a little slower than I thought.

(Since it’s nearly Christmas I’ll play the role of Scrooge!)

By and large, he was very good last night, considering it was his debut and in such an important match for us. It helps that I see moments that our captain was giving him plenty of in game instructions. But he seems to not panic and not just clear the ball when he can find a good pass out. I think we might have unearth a good potential here. He is not at Curtis Jones level of potential yet but I think based on this performance, I think he does have the psychological strength on top of his playing traits.

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Fair point, but would Hyypia suit this high line we play? Not so sure…

He is a talent thats for sure, has everything else.

After last night, would I prefer Rhys or Dejan starting the next game against Spurs (in Son and Kane one of the best forward two in English football)… 100% Rhys.


Odd thing is Curtis Jones looked like a scrawny hopeful talent a year ago, now he looks like he has played several years for us in that middle, his development has been brilliant and now when you see him in the team you just take it for granted.


Big error at the start of the second half. Lucky to get away with that one. Lesson learned but at least it wasn’t a harsh lesson. I’ve seen in this and other games that he can hit a long pass. Hopefully that aspect of his game can be developed. One thing we miss with VVD’s absence is that ability to turn the opposition with a pinged 60 yarder.

Got to remember at the start of this season this lad would have been dreaming of getting a run-out in the Carabao or the FA Cup or any other game that JK wasn’t too fussed about losing. Now he’s playing in the most important league game of the season and didn’t look out of place. Bet he can’t believe it.