Roberto FIRMINO: 2020/21

Well, that was a poor, poor performance from him. I’m really not sure why he looks like someone with no confidence but you could tell that immediately when Keita released him and he tried to cut back instead of whacking it towards the goal. Not even some simple passes that he would usually play without looking could come off.

Funnily enough, even in a game with uncharacteristically many poor performers by Liverpool’s standards, a bit more focus from him would have taken the game beyond Leeds’ sight, I’d say. I wonder if Klopp will start using Minamino sometimes in his place - I could see why he didn’t want to risk him against a team that presses so relentlessly but maybe in some other games, he’ll trust him in Firmino’s place.

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That’s because @Alright_Now wasn’t there to cheer him on.


I think we often treat the players unfairly, forgetting that they are human beings and there’s a lot of things that affect them.

Take the Brazilian trio for example. With thousands of people dying from Corona it’s very much possible that the wellbeing of their friends and family is weighing on them.

Do we even know if they have already lost someone in the pandemic?

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Yeah right let’s send them all home and play the TAN best 11.
At the same time make up 1000’s of excuses why they might play crap.
On second thoughts let’s just comment on what we percieved from the match and let Klopp do his job. :crazy_face:

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Yeah, he’s been off for a while now. There was that great interchange between him and Keita to set up the Gini chance early doors second half, but other than that he did very little of note.

Confidence is shot in front of goal. When Keita put him away he just needed to put his foot through it, but he’s overthinking. And fuck knows what he was trying to do with that chance at 3-3. I still love him but he is frustrating as hell right now.


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I feel like Bobby’s always been a bit of a slow starter at the beginning of a season, I’m sure he’ll be ok.


Love the dude, but sometimes he can be too casual in possession and has me pulling at my fro.


Never question Bobby


Ooof what a horrible performance today, seem to be seeing these sort of performances more than I’d want to be honest.

His form has completely dropped off a cliff and this has been the case for a while now.

We don’t really have someone in the team that can do what he does, Taki runs a lot and what not but he doesn’t do Firmino.

Nothing seems to be coming off for him, sometimes seems to casual/passive when on the ball and think it led to one of the goals we conceded today before he was subbed.

If he isn’t going to score (and he isn’t going going to score - I’ve never seen a player with less conviction in front of goal) then why not play him a little bit deeper, and let him do what does best.

Go 4231, Play Hendo and Thiago in midfield. put Fabinho in defence if you like, and use Firmino in the middle of the three.

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Yeah, untypical performance of him. So many bad touches, bad passes, losing possession in risky areas. Klopp probably also thought of Brazil, considering Jesus is out for them (even though Bobby practically became Brazil’s first choice striker).

I thought he was doing the right things in much of the 1st half, Second half I think frustration got the better of him, he seemed more interested in shoulder barging opposition players than getting the ball (which is why Klopp took him off i presume). So yes let himself down in the end. He’s better than that, wa all know that.
A big problem we have is when things go wrong our forwards (Salah and Firmino) come deep to get the ball and thay just can not take the ball out (particularly Sakah who even tonight was worts than Firmino in those deep positions). The thing is Firmino can come back and help defend but tonight he didn’t seem interested in doing that (Mané is our main man for that anyway and poor Jota will probably get some flack for not doing what Mané does (thought Jota was good when we had posession and on 1st press but didn’t offer the defensive cover Mané does).
It was just 1 performance where much went right for the opposition and little for us I’ll keep my big criticisms for latter on if this happens regularly new season new start i.e I’m not going to confuse Firmino’s performances wthis season with the end of last (thought he was poor for his standards all last season).

And yet he laid a wonderful pass to Salah for him to score his second.

I’ll be honest, I’m lost as to what the problem is and how to fix it.

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He’s been well below par for months and yesterday he looked so slow and laboured that you wonder if he’s fit. His workrate is down, his touch is gone and his finishing is consistently shit.

Perhaps it’s time to drop him in favour of Minamino. The latter would benefit from an extended run with the first team instead of 5 minutes here and there and Firmino himself might be better off sitting a few games out in order to rediscover himself.

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It was a woeful performance last night. Really shocking.

But we know he’s quality. I just think we need to rethink how he fits into the team.

I’d love to see this when players are back

Trent Fabinho Van Dijk Robbo

Hendo Thiago

Jota Firmino Mane


Let Firmino do his Firmino stuff without worrying about scoring goals.


Firmino is slow, thats why he shouldn’t run just do what he’s good at. Not the first or last very good 10 asked to do stuff they haven’t the pace for.

The problem when Bobby is described as “the engine” is when it’s missfiring the rest of the car struggles to get out of 2nd gear… He’s been bang out of form for a long period, a few flashes of the old Bobby like the assist but for the other 99% of the game he was a liability.

His lack of form is becoming a problem. I’d be very close to giving Taki a run of games in his position, he certainly can’t do worse and his workrate is far higher than Bobby at the moment.


I wonder if it’s not a lack of form, rather teams figuring out how to shackle him and reduce his influence?