Roy Hodgson Retires

Not fondly remembered as our manager but Roy Hodgson is retiring from football management.

In fairness, he was on a kicking to nowhere as our manager with the club near bankruptcy and mismanaged by Hicks and Gillett, but he has done well elsewhere and always seemed like a decent bloke.


His biggest contribution to football is certainly the memes.


Please give us a departing gift for the last game, rather than wanting to prove something Mr. Woy!

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To be honest his parting match will probably be more the home one in front of the fans.

I remember Ferguson’s last match away to relegated WBA and they turned up and drew 4-4, I think it left Martin Tyler in tears.


I forgot we were playing them. Quite fitting in a way.

Maybe he can finally get Liverpool into the CL.


Years ago somebody put a load of bullshit on his wikipedia page about him reading the classics constantly and other daft stuff. He’s never corrected it or had it changed despite being asked about it numerous times :rofl: :+1:t2:

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The manager who bored himself to death!

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It would be fitting that we give the guy a good sending off (spanking). Anfield will give him some love come final whistle.

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Love and respect. :blush: