Seeing the team

Hi guys bringing my 7 year old to his first game on the 14th against Prague and he’d really like to see the players up close I’ve seen a few videos recently of the team on a pre match walk the day of the game
Does this happen before every game and have you any tips on how to see them or where best to go to have a chance to see them
Or what hotel they stay at or where they are blades on game days
Thanks in advance

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Think they usually stay in the Titanic hotel on Regent Road which is about a mile from the city centre.
That’s where they seem to be on their matchday walks, however with it being a night match the routine may be different.

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He is going to Prague and I feel he is looking to see the players there.

Think you might be confusing the away game on the 7th with the home game on the 14th there…

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My bad. Thanks :blush:

Brilliant guys thanks for the help I have accommodation booked 5 mins walk from the titanic hotel without realising that’s where the team stay so we might get lucky

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Enjoy, European nights regardless are always special nights.

Been to two myself and they were excellent nights (we won both but they were close games).