Site software update 2am GMT today. Site will be down for 5 mins

Hi Guys,

Just letting you know I am further optimising the forum before the Chelsea game.

I am adding more Unicorn workers :unicorn: I shit you not.

I am also making better use of the memory recently added, by ensuring it’s made available to the forum software.

Should be a quick change, but just keeping everyone informed incase you wonder why your getting a 404 message during the early hours. :wink:


A what now?

Sunny uplands 404 …

… I see myself out.

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My basic understanding is the unicorns do all the magic behind the scenes for TAN. As I have more CPUs that means I can have more unicorns working for me.

So if lots of people log in concurrently, it’s good to have more unicorns helping out.

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I’m guessing there’s some fumes being produced by the whirring machines in ISMF’s steampunk workshop he’s running behind the scenes :joy:

Open a window, man, before it’s too late!

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2am which time zone?

Sorry 2am GMT

Bump, not long till site goes off line shortly


We are back with twice as many unicorns :slight_smile:

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5 minutes?


You sound just like my missus.

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Maybe but minutes or seconds?

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