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Not seen anything mentioning a US warrent, so it seems to be either Romania or possibly the EU. I guess that would depend on where the victims are being smuggled from

Me neither , although it might have been a tip off from the yanks. I’m not sure what kind of reputation the Romanian judicial system has but I’m guessing their custody suites are none too welcoming. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

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You’d like to think that Romania is one of those countries where they lock the criminal in a room with the victims’ families and let the latter mete out their own punishment.


What a shitshow, literally.


Also remember that the majority of the people left are in the US on work visas that are tied to their current job. They dont allow you to switch jobs without going through the ringer with US immigration, which most companies wont countenance in an environment where they are already drawing down their own staffing. He knows he can make the working situation incredibly unpleasant and his core staff will feel like they have little option but to deal with it.


This is not really the thread but since it started here and the whole thing blew up on Twitter in the beginning about the cars you all will be glad to know that they are.


Cheers Andrew

Personally I loved the first Matrix ,second and third were okay the fourth was a bit Meh.
Your remake is absolutely insane.


Sounds like he’s trying to add new words into Dr.Johnson’s dictionary in Blackadder,in that 2nd tweet.Hopefully this case doesn’t pericombobulate and he doesn’t get extramuralisation for a few years,the fucking numpty.



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