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Yeah I saw the video, walked into someone’s house while they were gardening in the front and walked around. The family were actually remarkably polite, telling him to leave. They had two young kids in the house too.

He didn’t leave (was with a group of two others I think), sat on the couch and put his feet up on their table.

It was not a clever or funny “prank”, was probably very scary for that family.

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Would have ‘asked’ him with a golfclub …

Wonder what would happen if he tried that in Texas. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Twitter seems to be actively making people follow people/organisations at their own behest. Or so it seems to me, anyway. Been seeing accounts that I do not follow pop up in the following section for a while now but didn’t pay attention. I have just now unfollowed about 10, including SpaceX, some right wing nutjobs and a Syrian news account. Wtf.


Just checked, I already had SpaceX blocked.

I am getting at least one new bot account following me every day. They all go straight to block as well.

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Other than occasional tech unreliability, I dont see too much different with the things on my feed. But I use it for reading only and with very rare exceptions dont every engage anyone on it. But the quality of discussion on the threads of people I follow has gone to shit. It’s now full of the dumbest possible versions of any conversation in a way that didnt used to be in the things and people I follow.

This Rogan-RFK Jr - debate me bro shit going on today is just mind melting dumb. Really really the dumb person’s idea of how smart people engage with ideas.


Deleted my twitter when the gammon one bought it. And apart from the odd transfer link posted on here have not gone back to it.

Sounds like I’m not missing out on anything

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It’s useful for real time news from people on the ground but I don’t post on ot.

Just had a 5 minute stint on Twitter as I wanted to know about a local news story. My god, it’s bloody hideous
the simpsons eye GIF

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The levels of hideousness are down to who you choose to follow



I think if I read 600 social media posts in one day my head would explode.

On twitter it takes about 10 minutes to see 600 posts.

So they would count, for example, scrolling through someone’s feed as having read each subsequent post within that feed?

Im not on twitter anymore so I cant say for sure but the people I saw complaining yesterday said it was counting any post you scroll past as having been “read”.

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Had no problems with Twitter yesterday or today. Perhaps because I only follow 60 person’s :joy:

Is this temporary or permanent (probably a matter of time before it is, if it’s not now)? Hope I don’t have to open a Twitter account to have a look at some stuff here and there.

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Hmm. Blue check mark = scarlet letter?