South American Football Thread

That wasn’t very nice.

If they have “absolutely shithoused” their way to the final, it’s fully deserved.

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They might injure Andre and “ruin our transfer plans”*

*any shit journo can have that one.

Simon Hooper off on another wild one it looks like

We’re going extra time in the Libertadores. Boca have gone to extra time (and penalties) in every knockout round.

Horrible game in fairness. So many stoppages in play, horrible tackles, surrounding refs etc.

Trindade can enjoy and celebrate then get his arse on a plane to Blackpool

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Latin American football is horrible to watch. Teams too busy fouling and play acting. They do produce great players though.

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I watched about 15mins of the Libertadores before I turned it off. It was horrible.


An Uruguayan friend of mine went to Buenos Aires to watch this game. He said it was exciting. :blush:

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The Undertaker Sport GIF by WWE

Top four currently tied with five/six games to go.


I love how only 2 teams in that league don’t eithier get in their continent wide competition or get relegated.

It’s four teams, I think.

Twenty teams; top twelve get continental football; bottom four get relegated.

Was going off Flashscore

I love how the fireworks chimed with each reaction.

Also why fireworks, though could be gunshots :disappointed:

After watching that, :flushed:, wtf!! They are totally mad over there.