Stand Up Comedy

Think this guy is hilarious.


15/10 :joy::joy::joy::joy::+1::nerd_face:

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His Ark one is excellent too :slight_smile:


I have Dry Bar in my Facebook feed, some of them pretty funny.

Starting at 1:15 this is fuckin funny. I think Kevin Bridges may be one of the funnier ones out there

Not only is this yet another example of cancel culture, but also the infantilisation of the public: you’re not allowed to make your own decisions but are told what is acceptable and what isn’t.

And if people aren’t allowed to think for themselves, they become idiots. Which is exactly what our neoliberal overlords want.


what did he say?

comedians normally get ALOT of leeway with subject matter, so im suprised, and i wouldnt be shocked if its just some middling comic trying to get his 15 minutes?

Waving his genitals about and referring to Rishi Sunak as a paki.

Not really comedy.

yeah that should be banned just for being shite… fucking garbage stuff some of the stand up comedy going around nowadays.

stand up comedy is a bit of a networking thing more then anything nowadays…the more established ones just turn it into an old boys/girls network where they just swap little spots on radio, TV chat shows and bits and bobs like that while trying to convince everyone its a hard knock life leading up to that where they took all the ‘risks’…

alot of the newbies are just chancers rehashing old shit or trying to be controversial

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Sounds like ideal credentials for the next PM

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It depends on the context, really. It sounds horrendous but one of my favourite TV comedy sketches involves a group of drunks racially abusing an ethnic minority waiter. Sounds horrific but in context it’s comedy gold.

You may have missed it - cancel culture does not exist - this has been firmly established many times and in many other threads here.

“You have the right to free speech - as long as you are not dumb enough to actually try it” Joe Strummer.

Who would have thought those words would take on an entirely different meaning 40 or so years later?


I think that may be a sketch in Not the Nine O’clock News.
It is an extremely well-written and observed piece of comedy. The waiter is the smart one - the drunks are boorish racist imbeciles. Sadowitz was probably using a similar construct for his show. Having not seen it, I cannot be sure, but seems likely.

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