Support LFC from the get go? Switched allegiance?

I guess I’m firmly in the from the get go category.


We moved around a lot when I was a kid, so I had no idea who to support when I became aware of football in 1969. I had a panini sticker album and decided to support whichever team I completed first. It was Liverpool and I wasn’t too happy as I didn’t even know where it was. I told my mum, who knows hardly anything about football, and she said ‘That’s great. They’ve got the best fans, the best manager, and the Beatles come from there’. The first thing they did was to get knocked out of the FA cup by Watford.
It’s been a fantastic journey since then. Plenty of highs and lows, but I never once thought of switching allegiance and I find it very difficult to understand those who do.



87-88 cupfinal

i played since i was 5 and enjoyed the game, watched the FA Cup finals but in 87-88, i fell in LOVE with the game and the club.

i know we lost, but something clicked…


Like father, like son.

How have I missed this thread up until now? :thinking:


Always did, really didn’t have much interest in football until the last year or two of primary school at which point I thought as a werid loner goalkeeper was my position, always liked the colour red though brother had switched from Everton to Man Utd and then to his hometown club of Bolton, he supported the latter two but lost interest a fair while ago.

Was a mixture of freinds, the brother rivalry and the fact I fell in love both with the away kit and a performance on Match of the Day, I begged my mum the day after to get me the white Adidas away shirt and the rest is history.

Bournemouth are a second team due to University, and if Liverpool were ever to go it would probably be them I sought solace with.

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No one in my family liked football, so I never had much interest in it when I was young

But some how I ended up with Liverpool top with Hitachi on the front, the top that tore your nipples to bits! But never thought much about what the top meant

Anyway, as I grew older I got into football and started playing and watching football, dalglish and rush where my favourites, so Liverpool it was!

But I do mind, asking my mum for a Liverpool strip for my Christmas 1 year,

fucking raging on Christmas day I was when I opened my present and discovered Santa had got me an Aberdeen strip!

But it’s red was my mum’s reply!!

My mum made me wear the strip, as it was expensive, so I developed a liking for the dons,
But it didn’t last, maybe a season or too.

The pull of liverpool dalglish and rush was too strong I guess…


I was a different breed of glory hunter as a child. Think it’s because I’m Irish I technically have no affiliation with English football. Started off supporting West Ham - Dads family from the area. Then moved to Celtic like all Catholic Irish kids did at that time. Went to primary. United under Fergie were winning everything. The United fans converted me from Celtic not too much drama. Liverpool were a poor team at that time but my father supported them and against me and my brother he was outnumbered. Being a good (and wise) older brother I switched to Liverpool. Controversial I know. But I was about 8 at the time.

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A child cannot be a glory hunter.




I wasn’t interested in football until the 1990 world cup where as a nine year old living in Ireland our participation was huge. Prior to that I remember watching some of Euro88 with my uncle but mainly just hoping the games would finish so I could watch cartoons as we didn’t then have a TV in our home. Remember crying after Toto Schillachi scored in the quarter final but by then I was hooked.
Chose Liverpool as they were the team that seemed most likely to win stuff, and they had some cracking Irish players, and I didn’t want a repeat of having my heart broken again supporting the plucky underdog. Reading shoot magazine and their easy proclamation that Liverpool will be champions again, little did I know that I’d be waiting 30 years. But what a ride!

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We didn’t until 1989/1990. This was over at my granny’s house, where my uncle lived at the time.


Hertha my first true love but when we started having exposure to the outside world there has never been another for me other than Liverpool. You have to remember, this was a time of state controlled television and long before the internet.

As an aside, I’ve posted in the past of my fascination with West Ham. And truthfully it only began on aesthetic, as I was drawn to their badges and logos. My mother was a hard woman, capable of anything physical. She was a prideful construction worker and as a result I was somewhat enamored by the Hammers logo and the working class ethos vibe on which their club was built.


I used to love them in the late 90s. Ali Daei :heart_eyes:

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A lot of people here chose Liverpool. I was a red in the womb. I come from a huge extended family of reds. My grandad always said he stood on the Kop before it had a roof. He was born in 1880 close to Anfield so I guess that could be true.

I really wish I had been old enough before he died to have got more stories from him.


Yep, my dad and grandad…(my dad went to the Gwladys St church nr the bitters)… But chose the right path.


Always supported Liverpool. My dad grew up a passionate red, going to the match in the 60s and 70s, and passed it down to me and my brothers. Brothers were season ticket holders, I only got to the match sparingly, but now living in the States my ongoing love affair with LFC is as bright as ever. Passing it on to my lad. He has a Virgil kit, and is a decent player at 14. We’ve been to a couple of preseason friendlies as Liverpool made their way to the Midwest in recent years, and we watch most games on tv.


I’ve always been a Red as long as I’ve followed football (or soccer as we call it stateside :roll_eyes:).

Prior to my indoctrination, my only real sports interests as a young kid were the NY Mets and NY Giants. The former because my father grew up outside NJ, the latter because I grew up in New England and didn’t want to support the Patriots because all of my (10-year-old) classmates decided to become Pats fans after they won their maiden Super Bowl.

Anyway, we went to Lancashire when I was 12 to meet our relatives who still lived there — my great-grandfather came over from Chorley to USA in 1930, I think my great-grandmother was originally from Bolton. Anyway, my dad was a goalkeeper in high school and wanted to see a game in England, and our kin came through in the clutch the day of the match (13/11/2004 vs. Palace). The game was fun — Baros got a hat-trick and LFC won on an injury-time penalty — and while the occasion was fun, I had no allegiance or knowledge of any clubs. In fact, I thought Liverpool was just “the local team” and that I would be the only person back home who knew of them! I guess if you asked me who I supported I would have said Liverpool, but I knew f**k all about them other than Baros and that the manager was named Benitez (Stevie was injured when we saw them).

Couple of years later (late 2006), I was with some friends on a ski trip. One had a PSP with FIFA on it, and the only teams I knew of were Liverpool and Man Utd (and the latter only because I had read Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider novel, where Ferguson was mentioned). Had no idea of the rivalry, but I enjoyed beating Man Utd and got hooked on the game. Couple of months later (February 2007), I started watching YouTube highlights and actively following the club. Been on board ever since, and I can safely say Liverpool is the team that I follow, even as an American.

The first 8 years or so alternated between promise and decline, but it all changed when Jurgen came in. And while it took another 4 years for us to realize success, the last 2 years have been a hell of a ride, and the moment when we got to the top of the biggest mountain (even in the circumstances of this last year) was one of the best moments of my life. :red_circle:


Always Liverpool.
I’m Australian but my grandfather was from Liverpool. I wasn’t the most passionate fan growing up though. The coverage in Australia back in the eighties was almost non existent so it was hard to really get in to it but once pay tv came along and the premier league took off it and it became possible to watch live games every week and that’s when I really got hooked.


I picked Liverpool when I started following football about 15 years ago and have never looked back. Not even for a moment.

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