TAN footy game - Last Man Standing

A friend told me about a game they play during the season in his office, and I thought it sounded like it could be a bit of low-energy fun for the forum.

Basically each player picks a team they think will win that weekend. Everyone who is correct goes on to compete the following week, those who are wrong get eliminated, and so on.

I think we’ll say that a draw also counts as a failed guess.

The nub is that you can only pick a team once, so if you picked Liverpool to beat Arsenal this week, you’d go through but couldn’t pick Liverpool again until the competition resets after someone has won it.

Right, so to kick things off I’ll post the week’s fixtures each time, as early as possible to give everyone a chance to get involved.

As a further stipulation, given the nature of the tournament, only those who get involved at the beginning will be eligible for that run.

So, next week we have:

Villa v Leeds
West Ham v Man City
Fulham v Palace
Man Utd v Chelsea
Liverpool v Sheffield Utd
Southampton v Everton
Wolves v Newcastle
Arsenal V Leicester
Brighton v West Brom
Burnley v Spurs

I’ll keep track of who each player picks each week for that tourney in this OP:

ZB - Wolves, Spurs
Aussielad - Southampton, Chelsea
Hope - Everton, Sheff Utd
Rambler - Leicester
Iftikhar - Chelsea, Man City, Spurs
Colossal_CB - Wolves, Chelsea
Bonus - Newcastle, Leicester
Bobnum2 - Wolves, Chelsea
BillyBiskix - Leeds
Cynicaloldgit - Wolves, Man Utd, Liverpool
Kopstar - Brighton
Klopptimist - Chelsea, Newcastle
SBYM - Spurs, Liverpool
Herb - Southampton, Sheffield Utd
KY_TNRed - Brighton
Prolix - Man United
ILLOK - Wolves, Liverpool
Red_Submarine - Leeds
jgw_geneseo - Newcastle, Leicester
SpecialK210 - Arsenal, Sheffield United
Trader - Southampton, Man City, Liverpool
DioufGates - Wolves, Sheff Utd
petergriffin2020 - Man United
johnny_mne - Arsenal, Spurs
El-Cuchillero - Wolves, Liverpool
TheElusive19th - Wolves, Chelsea
Kotsebotse - Wolves
Semmy - Wolves
Nobluff - Southampton, Burnley
RedOverTheWater - Leeds
Neukölln - Wolves, Man Utd, Man City
Auzziez - Everton, Sheff Utd
FowlersLeftPeg - Southampton, Sheff Utd


Saints to beat West Brom

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Everton to beat Brighton.

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Leicester to beat West Ham

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What happens when everyone is eliminated before the end of the season. Everyone start again with the points earned from previous rounds?

Chelsea to beat Palace.

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Wolves to beat Fulham

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Yeah, when a winner has been declared (which depending on results may only be a few weeks!), we’ll just start another round from scratch.

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Newcastle to beat Burnley.

Wolves to beat Fulham


Leeds to beat City.


Loving the bold pick - I wanted to go for them but chickened out :grin:


It’s not a points-based scoring system: you either win or you lose. Say your chosen team draws or loses this week- that’s you out of the current competition.

I’m going for Wolves this week- Fulham are shite.

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Yup, my reasoning also!

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Maybe you should have a rule that you can only pick the team playing Fulham once.


We used to play a similar game where you couldn’t pick the team already picked, unless all other options are picked as well. :nerd_face:

That was the plan :joy:

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Great minds think alike. :wink:

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Brighton to beat Everton.


Ooh, spicy :slight_smile:

I mean, it’s Everton. No way they win 4 league games in a row. That probably hasn’t happened for at least a decade.