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  • Andy Dufresne
  • The Fonz
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Those of you with long memories (or who might actually have paid attention to my posts) may recall the TIA series where I sought opinions on the merits of various films.

Shawshank defeated all comers there; so let’s go for something different…

Dufresne. Injustice, battled the sisters, came through in the end. A total triumph as the camera pans out and the beautiful Pacific fills the screen.

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Sherlock Holmes :blush:

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Fonz wouldn’t have needed 2 decades to escape out of jail.
Hell, forget that, no jury would convict Fonz.


Andy ofcourse is one of my favorites, and I just love the quote “Hope is a good thing,…”
This guy also comes close for me if the circumstances possible are real for the fictional character in question.

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I literally came in to say exactly this :joy:




Me too when I saw the thread title but then he’s not up for selection this time (presumably this will be a series of head to heads?).

James Bond would be another.

God probably also top ten. Multidimensional character.

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Ah, head to heads would be fine, then. Maybe worth stating in the OP @cynicaloldgit?

Has to be the Fonz then, as while Shawshank is better than Happy Days, Fonz is iconic in a way Dufresne isn’t.


The manager at Man Utd?

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But honestly in movies, Jigsaw is my favourite.



People of TAN, @cynicaloldgit is not asking for your favourite characters.

He is holding a head to head contest.

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don’t care

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Thought t was a great idea for a thread when you had to nominate your own favourite character.
If it’s head to head then, ok the Fonz.

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Err… yeah… I should have made that clear in my opening post.

I’ll leave this poll open for a week or so and then the winner will face a new rival next week. I just hope it’s less predictable than the film poll on TIA, where Shawshank won every week.

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How about staging it more like a tournament style, eg tennis, with a first round of different head-to-heads, then a second round where the 1R winners go head-to-head etc, leading to a final?

Would make it less predictable potentially.


Good idea, that.

Let’s consider this the first tie in the “last 16” and the winner goes through to the quarter finals.


If you’re taking suggestions then you’ve had two already (Sherlock Holmes, James Bond)…
a few more?

Indiana Jones
Darth Vader
The Joker
Travis Bickle