TAN website loading slowly?

Perhaps it is just me (or my location - Adelaide, Australia) but TAN has been loading very slowly for me for the last few days. The first page is often taking 5-10 seconds to load with an odd loading bar - 5 circles across a blank page that I never used to see here or anywhere else. After this sometimes pages load normally, at other times things seem to slowwww right down. I have a FTTP connection and no other internet sites are slow and I’ve also tried various browsers and cache clearing etc. Just wondering if others have also had this happen - are the TAN servers not keeping up with user activity!?

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No, I too have experienced that occasionally in the last few days.

Yeap, that’s the one. Five different colors.

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Yep, same for me as well.

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Fine for me. Is this a problem only for republicans? :wink:

Hey Guys,

It’s not the server that now has the grunt/bandwidth to handle many simultaneous users. (We are well over spec 99% of time to handle big spikes of match days)

It’s more likely related to big software upgrade I did just over a week ago. Just like when you upgrade windows sometimes it stuffs things up, it’s the same with the Discourse software (those dot things were a cosmetic added feature they added :face_with_diagonal_mouth:).There were lots of back end security features added.

The first thing need to figure out where the problem is. (A bit like the tiny icons in another thread).

For this:

  • It could be user end (compatibility with older browsers, cache/cookies)

  • Could be my modifications (my old code no longer working well with base discourse software → this might be skin dependent)

  • Discourse core. Fundamental issue with base code and need to inform discourse developers.

As it’s not happening to me on my device, it would be immensely helpful if you guys could let me know:

PC/Mac/Tablet/mobile (apple or android)
Skin your using
Browser your using

That helps me narrow down the problem.

If possible if you could try a different device, or browser that would be fantastic too.


There is two types of code that I have added to discourse. One that impacts all users (chat, who is online etc), and only that impacts users dependent on the skin they select.

I have just updated the code for a number of skins/widgets. Hopefully that helps.

I have created a skin called base skin. The only added code in this are gifs and hamburger menu.

For those having problems and you have tried different browser and device. Try using this skin to see if it solves your problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Perhaps TAN is slowing down as a mark of respect to QE II? :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously, it’s happening to both my laptop; PC/Windows and cellphone/Android.
Always slow and sometimes it even failed to load at all.

Strange, working perfectly fine for me.

All I get is a 3/4 grey circle to show it’s loading and then loads up in half a second.

Maybe it’s TAN’s robotic way of telling you that maybe just maybe you’re no longer a valued member of the community.

Hi @ISMF1, I’ve tried the ‘base skin’ (apparently I had been using ‘christmas’ ?!). This seems to have solved the issue - thank you!

If it’s any help for future trouble shooting, these issues (with christmas skin) only occurred on my laptop (Mac OS 12.5.1; Chrome 101.0.4951.64 or Safari 15.6.1).

BTW, that ‘Christmas’ skin was a thing of beauty!
‘Base’ in comparison feels like I’ve moved to Brexit Blighty… :rofl:


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That’s great news, this means it’s a process of elimination on my code !

Both in my laptop and mobile.

:thinking: The red & white one!

Google Chrome

Honestly, with an aging server, the owners should have backed the Admins more by investing into the forum. Other oil rich forums are already ahead of us.