Test Thread to test code

This is to test bold

This is to test Italics

This is to make an indent

Test Break Down

Player X

Breadkdown Two

Player X

Blablabla blablablabla.

Blablabla blablablabla.

Blablabla blablablabla.

Seems to work here.

One cat sat on a mat

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  • Four
  • Five
  • Six

We Can now have coloured Text

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This is to test quotation

Seems to work very fine.

:star_struck: :partying_face:

Emoji test

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Agreed on testing the emojis :rofl:

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Incidentally, not sure if it’s mentioned elsewhere, but you can quote a post by highlighting the text you want to quote, then click the “quote” button that appears.

Like this :+1:t2:

Erm, plus a bit more to hit the 20 character minimum!

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Where in the :earth_americas: are you Thiago? :clock1: is running out while you make us :bowing_man:t2: Take the :airplane: from :ceuta_and_melilla: and get ready for Leeds game :running_man:t2: :soccer:
:moneybag: will get sorted later, :loudspeaker: you have joined is what we’ll :heart_eyes:

Yeah works nicely :grimacing:


Hmm… I’ve just noticed that the system deletes quoted text if you’ve quoted the whole post, and it doesn’t seem to matter how long the post you’ve quoted actually was.

Is there anyway we can change that at all, like maybe as on TIA you quote a whole post, but on the page only the first few lines appear but the view can be expanded to view the whole thing?

I feel like being able to view the post someone has quoted is a pretty big part of debate.


Test quoting issue described

Test to see if fixed

It was meant to be a feature, getting people to simply quote the aspect that was relevant. (using the little up arrow to see full text).

But I have disabled it, given most posts on TIA dont tend to be that long.

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Thanks ISMF! :+1:t2:

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Quote 1 to test user levels

Quote 2 to test user levels