Thank fuck for that

Sorry for the site being down.

Halfway through a server upgrade the system crashed !!

Conor Mckenna Meeting GIF by FoilArmsandHog

Lets just say I was not the best pleased. But we are back online and I am going through things making sure they are working. Let me know if anything is amiss.


New side menu


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I am reviewing the likes from a year ago. I was about to answer Nikola about a PC game, then noticed he sent me that 26 weeks ago :smiley:
Something just happened. I have a million likes and responses popping up ! :smiley:

Did breifly see the side bar but when moving from the homepage to a thread it disappeared.

Not sure if that is supposed to happen or if something has fucked up

That was me playing :wink:

if you restart your browser. You should see a new menu when you click on your avatar


Is that what you get hourly ISMF? You busy lad.

Thats the server telling me, to stop buggering about !

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Given the staggeringly sized salary you receive via TAN and the unquantifiably large subs we all pay, I question whether you are appropriately involved with ensuring the site runs smoothly. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

quick, start an only fans while the iron is hot!

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When did it happen? Didn’t notice a thing.

Hmm, this looks complicated :grimacing:

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think I slept through all the fun.

have noticed that one of the menus in my reply field no longer has a slider where the settings and gif buttons would be hidden

I’ve noticed that we can no longer quickly access the latest posts from the hamburger menu.

Is it hidden away elsewhere? :thinking:


don’t remember what it was like before, but see if this helps

go to

change the second select dropdown to “link to unread/new and show a count of new items” and save

now the hamburger link for “Everything” will have “x unread” next to it and will take you to just the unread list

edit… you can also find the preferences page by clicking the pencil symbol next to “Categories” in the hamburger


Brilliant. Thanks! :+1:

I’ve noticed that you seem less cynical - @ISMF1 is that an upgrade or a known bug?

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Having the same issue as @cynicaloldgit

Followed the steps as per @Jase but still no luck… :neutral_face:

It worked for me. Follow the first step @Jase put there and you should get this screen under the hamburger menu:

Then you click on “Everything” and the old-fashioned latest posts list comes up.

All my notifications are screwy.

I don’t like change.


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did you manage to find the preferences sidebar options page and change the dropdown choice?

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