The Amazing Planet and Nature Thread


Should read, ‘captured by drunk man Vincent Ledvina’ imo! :rofl:

This is my one of my dream trips to see the Northern Lights before I get too old to travel.

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Total eclipse later this afternoon, and right on time clouds are rolling in after being clear all morning

It’s the second story on the BBC News today, even though it will barely be visible in the UK.

They really are going OTT about it.

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Gap in the clouds has it clear just as it starts. Totality is about an hour from now, you can just see the circle starting to move across the face of the sun.

The sun is weirdly small when you actually look right at it.

That’s dangerous and the longer you do it the smaller it gets.

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I have ‘eclipse glasses’, ISO 12312-2 certified, they screen out the UV and IR parts of the spectrum. Very little light gets through them, in normal light you see nothing. Looking at the sun, the sky is dark and the sun is a small yellow ball.

I am just walking out front every 10 minutes and looking up to gauge progression. I suppose there probably are people spending the whole time watching.

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I knew you would be taking precautions but … you know some are fuckwits. It might be funny to encourage them however it’s probably best not to. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s funny, way more precautions than the one when I was a kid - which was a complete bust due to total cloud cover. Schools are not in session today.

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We’re watching the eclipse. About 85%.

Seeing about the same, though a very different angle. Moon is coming up from about the 5 o’clock position and progressively obscuring toward the 11 o’clock

I see a cloudy sky…and rain. lots of rain.

That’s the moon! :wink: :rofl:

That’s as far as it got, then it kind of reversed itself. My trees were getting in the way of that shot.

My location got to over 99% obscured. It is astonishing what a difference that 1% makes. It was dim enough that streetlights came on, but it was clearly day. Just 40 km away it was like night.

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It’s not nature, but isn’t this a really cool boy or gal ? :slight_smile:

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In 1999, we had a total eclipse here. I took the time to go to an exposed place where I could watch it. I can remember how everything went silent (birds stopped singing) and a cold current of air arose, provoking a feeling of cold, right in the midst of the summer.

Unfortunately, the sky wasn’t totally clear, so there was still a lot of diffuse light around, but you could still clearly see the sun being covered by the moon, and it was a sight to behold.