The Anfield Noise Book Club

Welcome to The Anfield Noise Book Club
The bookclub where we’ll be taking a look ahead at some of the upcoming LFC book releases this year and finding out what the most-anticipated upcoming book releases are in the coming months.
Book #1
The Lost Shankly Boy: George Scott’s Anfield Journey

This book is due to be released on September 21, 2020.

Amazon Book Description: "The Lost Shankly Boy is an enthralling tale of triumph over adversity and hope amid despair. It tells the story of George Scott, a poor boy from a fishing village in Aberdeen, who dreamed of a career in football and ended up rubbing shoulders with one of the game’s managerial greats, Bill Shankly. Shankly would assemble a team to rival the famous ‘Busby Babes’ - his very own ‘Shankly Boys’. With Tommy Smith and Chris Lawler already at the club, he would add Gordon Wallace, Bobby Graham and a 15-year-old George Scott - ‘the lost Shankly Boy’. Scott provides a fascinating insight into modern Liverpool’s formative years and Shankly’s Anfield. His is an untold story of a dream crushed and of a career rebuilt in Scottish football and taken to new heights in the South African Premier League. The Lost Shankly Boy speaks to every kid who dreams of football glory. It is a never-say-die tale of passion, commitment and hard work that will resonate with anyone who has ever tasted the pain of rejection - only to rise again and grow stronger."


Looks an interesting read that… Anybody thinking of buying George Scott’s and Jeff Goulding’s The Lost Shankly Boy Book?

That book wont be availablle until mid September so to kick us off here… If you could recommend one other Liverpool related book for us to read this month which book would you choose and why?

Anything by Eric Maria Remarque

Remarque wrote books about LFC? I’d like to read them… :laughing:


It says Book Club, how would I know it’s books about LFC?:roll_eyes:

Because it’s clearly stated in @Broomy ‘s opening post, as well as the third one.


I read ‘Red or Dead’ by David Peace. It’s really good, but my god it’s hard work.

What it really captures, which isn’t often considered, is the sheer monotony of football. The way the days, week and years are all essentially the same, repeating over and over again. It achieves this by being monotonous and repetitive itself.


To my shame, I’ve had Rafa Honigstein’s “Klopp: Bring the Noise” sitting on myself, unread, for about a year now.

I’ll definitely get around to it, I just seem to get embroiled in monolithic fantasy trilogies…


Also ‘Epic Swindle - 44 months with a pair of Cowboys’ is really good, and should be required reading for the FSG Out melts on Twitter.


This is actually a good book if you want to know more about Klopp’s background.

I’ve got Allez Allez Allez by Simon Hughes, if your interested in other football books I recommend Goldblatt’s stuff.


Cheers for that @Colossal_centre_back … Robbo: Now You’re Gonna Believe Us is going to be released on September 17, 2020… I didn’t realise that book was in the pipeline, Andy Robertson has collaborated on the book with Tony Barrett so it’ll be interesting to hear Robertson’s inside story of last season… His story bout the defeat to Real Madrid in 2018 to the 2019 final success should hopefully make for a great read…


I bought this book - WWJKD

What would Jurgen Klopp do?

Highly recommend it.

What Would Jurgen Klopp Do?: Life Lessons from a Champion


It is 2009 edition, but it is a great read from a Liverpool fans perspective 7


Here’s another upcoming LFC book i’ll definitely be pre-ordering…

At the End of the Storm - Stories from Liverpool’s Historic Title Win
This book will be released on October 15, 2020

It’s the story of Liverpool’s title win in the longest season, as told by the writers of The Athletic including James Pearce, Oliver Kay, Simon Hughes…

Articles include profiles of each of Liverpool’s title winners by their former youth team coaches; Oliver Kay watches Sadio Mane score against Manchester City in the company of the striker’s family, in his hometown in Senegal; James Pearce spends 90 minutes analysing Virgil van Dijk; plus there are exclusive interviews with Jurgen Klopp, and the club’s US owners.

Can’t wait for it!


I was thinking this wouldn’t be a bad buy considering it covers the season.

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A Taste of the Liverpool Way: A Recipe For Success A Taste of the Liverpool Way: A Recipe For Success: Liverpool Football Club, Mona Nemmer: 9781911613961: Books

I really liked this book. It gives a fascinating insight into nutrition of foods around the world and how they can be incorporated into a healthy diet. I know it is geared to high level athletes, but Mona has written it in such a wayb, it is accessible to people like me who don’t have nutrition background, but are interested in eating healthily. There some lovely recipes at the end too.

It is not your typical cookbook, but it gives the reader a unique insight into foods around the world and how important they are for your overall well being. This book is so well presented, beautifully illustrated and very informative. I highly recommend this unique book to have on your bookshelf.

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