The beaver and cocaine thread

Hey Guys,

I am trying to recreate an issue I have seen on the site, that has been bugging me. The occasional post link from a third party the image does not get resized and appears huge.

I noticed it with @CanuckoLFC and @Kopstar posts about a beaver, and another one about cocaine.

It should display like this:


I am trying to recreate the issue. Compare and contrast size of different posters beavers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (when they provide the same link).

If you could cut and paste the link (rather than quote mine). That would be ideal.

It does not happen for me (and does not seem to happen at least for Kopstar for every BBC link he provides).

Urgh. Not resizing for me.

However, during preview, the link above was displayed properly.

To be honest thatā€™s great. As helps me diagnose the issue.

Are you on a phone or computer ? Are you using Fire Fox ?

Also what theme are you using when posting ?

Any details are great help.

  1. Posted via Windows 10 PC.
  2. Browser = Firefox (Same results in Firefox regular, beta or nightly builds)
  3. Theme = Ī²-Pale Red
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This thread is not what I thought it would be


Once in a while, after I added or edited some text in addition to the link posted, the picture from the article(s) would be resized.

I also noticed that if I post more than 1 links, the pictures from the links would also get resized properly.

Edit: Well, I tried in the following post. Didnā€™t work. Hmmmm.

Letā€™s see if I post both links works properly.

FireFox Test

FireFox and Beta-Pale Red

Hmm this has got me stumped

Disabled uBlock Original and uMatrixā€¦
Edit (Firefox Nightly)

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Oh, when I edited the above post. The picture resized.

So it seems its Ublock causing the issue ?

I donā€™t think so.

It was still bad even after I disabled uBlock/uMatrix. It only resized after I edited the post by typing in ā€œEdit (Firefox Nightly)ā€.

It appears that the editing triggered something on the picture resizing.