The Central Midfield Thread

Ok, I don’t think Bajcetic has his own thread, so I’m going to write here.
Poor kid! He was on the verge of becoming a fixed part of the squad and then, what?
Some kind of indefinable age related injury keeps him out for a year, or maybe more?
Very difficult to get a true picture of what is going on, but it’s mysterious.
Good luck Stefan!

Didn’t like how we looked yesterday with Mac at RCM and Jones at LCM. Wanted it to be the opposite.

Not the first time Klopp did something similar with different players in different roles, spoke about it here in the past. It’s not a major issue every time, but it is important. All part of how the team is connected.

Never got going in the first half and as Klopp said, we looked too wild, too impatient to get forward. Lacked control.

Looked better in the second half, albeit through bad luck that Trent had to go off and Jones went to RB, allowing Mac to get more on the ball at LCM.

Out of them two, Mac is more for control. And you want his stronger foot facing the game more, have more passing lanes. Been used to playing more towards the left also, for club and country.

Jones is more dynamic, can use both feet, has skills in small spaces, can beat a player and in our case, can actually provide better defensive protection for our right side balance. He’s someone who can go in other positions better than Mac.

Also, it didn’t make sense from a view that Mac usually plays deeper than Jones. Our RCM player is usually higher positioned than our LCM. It’s a more dynamic role anyway.

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I got the impression the Mac dropped deeper and that allowed him more time to read the game better position himself to affect the game.