The Central Midfield Thread

It seems weird at first sight, but it’s really the physical form which is letting them down. You can see it quite clearly during games: at the start of either half, we usually look our former self, with high pressing, a lot of running and good moves around the player who holds the ball. Then, after ten minutes or so, it flattens down, and we become unrecognizable. It’s down to a bad physical condition imo, and unfortunately, with the amounts of games and the injuries heaping up, there is nothing which can be done about that until next summer.


The same Gini who now we miss was the one many wanted out because of his and the other two’s constant sideways passing. We would have been so toothless in attack if it wasn’t for Trent, Robbo in our side with that midfield. It’s all about context. There is a very huge probability with the same midfield (Gini in the side) teams would have found us even more so going with the same approach season after season and we would have been far off what we almost achieved last season.


Not that weird when you think about it. City and Chelsea are showing similar issues from the heavy schedules we have had the last year or two.

Ageing and tactical changes have exposed some weaknesses that were not so apparrent before.


Thiago is the least of our problems. He’s having to do the work of two midfielders including the defensive one whilst being overplayed.

Also doesn’t help our front three have fuck all movement.

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Wtf, Thiago basically has to do all midfield tasks when Henderson and Fabinho on the pitch, the other two don’t make run, don’t defend, just walk and do nothing. Thiago has nearly 3 tackles per game, Fabinho just 1.8 while Henderson 0.8. The worst part of Thiago game still our best right now.

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Very true, and the fact Thiago is having to do most the work in there is taking away from what he excels at, what we brought him in to do, pick the ball from deep and find those killer passes either through the lines or in behind the defence. Shame really we’re letting this luxury go to waste because he only maybe has 1-2 years football left in him at this level.

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We only have the best of Thiago when play him next to a ball winning midfielder like the way Kroos next to Carsemiro, Gasttuso next to Pirlo. Its much be a fast, dynamic, strong physical one. Its basically though.

I’m ok with Thiago, I’m sort of ok with Hendo (once a week) but however much rest Fabinho gets he always turns out terrible performances at the moment.

Thiago is struggling on more than once a week and we are having to adapt to a 18 year old, but at this moment in time you could argue that he is our second best midfielder.

Then you’ve got the likes of Jones who can potentially be played back into form. I do think when Firmino returns you’ve got another element to that set up in the middle and probably why Klopp won’t demand a CM in Jan.

But yeah Fabinho is getting near the exit for me.

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Bajcetic and Klopp have both mentioned about how good it is for the 18 year old to be on the pitch together with Thiago talking him through the game.

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And yet we had a harder preseason than some teams, and by the halfway point of the season their conditioning should be up there. Well I hope it would be.

Does anyone have any running stats? They might show something.

I’d be starting Bajcetic till the end of the season now, it’s his position barring an injury.

Then up to Keita, Elliot and Hendo to fight it out for the right sided 8, with Jones getting minutes when Thiago needs a rest.

  • the effects of the grueling 2022 season.

  • not signing a new midfielder early in the summer - if only to have competition in the squad.

  • age

  • heavy rotation throughout the squad forced through injuries / makes it difficult to get in the rhythm

Personally I won’t give up on them and if there’s a chance to turn this season around it won’t work without them.

Give me a few games with Darwin, Bobby, Mo up top, Thiago, Fab and Hendo in the middle and the back four which won everything and I’m sure it will click again.


The machine that Jurgen built wasn’t just about the midfield it also involved a front 3 and defence who, firstly won their individual battles and secondly defended well forcing play where we wanted.

Unfortunately, 2 of our midfielders have had a massive drop off in terms of work rate and effectiveness, with only Thiago still performing at a different level. Also Thiago is trying to do too much as the others around him don’t have the legs or technical ability to play a pass and move style of football. We need a revamp in midfield. Bajcetic has shown glimpses of slotting in and so does Keita, however, we know Keita’s issues regarding fitness and Bajcetic is still young and needs minutes in his legs to be able to go 90 minutes.

Teams have also become better at beating the press and working at solutions to be offensive against our press and have also been more clinical.

On the passing level, for me he is having to do too much as our other players quality of passing as been way below what is required to advance the ball and Thiago is by far our best tackler if you can’t see that then you are blinkered and stats show it, I think he is actually 2nd in the league for most tackles!!!

Fabinho just seems to be flat footed and his reaction and anticipation seems to have gone, he has never been fast but he used to always get a foot in and win the ball.

The other thing is that now teams are pressing us, he really lacks the quality on the ball and therefore isn’t trusted to play a pass in to which, if Thiago is marked normally means us just lumping in forward, which ain’t too bad if you have Nunez chasing it.


Totally agree, however he did look knackered after 60 mins against Chelsea, maybe Hendo helps by playing 6 now and again.

We definitely need players to rotate and make a difference when our legs become tired in midfield, that is what we used to do, it was always the midfielders who were subbed out to bring fresh legs to control or win the game for us, now we don’t have the depth.

Agree that I’d start Bajcetic until he proves he can’t do it. No better time to get him minutes and experience.


Also, highly doubt a young lad’s legs are in need of resting nearly as much as our 30+ group.

Seems we lost more loosing Gini than we gained adding Thiago probably not as simple as that but feels like it

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Almost insinuating that he won’t prove himself.