The Central Midfield Thread

We’re not the first side in history with such problems.

We can control a lot of things, but not all.

These FM solutions of signing 3-4 midfielders is not reality.

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It’s a simple task to keep track on when recruitment is needed in accordance to players fitness and performance levels…not having a big transfer bringing in 4-5 players in 2017 and then signing 1 player in 2018 1 player in 2019 1 player in 2020 and so on which is what we’ve done.

The reality is 3-4 midfielders will be leaving in 4 months time so signing 2-3 midfielders should be a reality in equal measure, this shouldn’t be rocket science…unless you’re happy with us playing Bajcetic Elliott and Jones for a full season.

I don’t see us signing more than 2 midfielders and I’m alright with that.

I’m aware that purely needing/signing new bodies is not the only problem nor the only solution to it.


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That or be James Milner.

The Kante link is interesting. He would be free and presumably on reasonable wages. I would be ok with this if he is deemed a squad player/cover and replace one of Ox, Milner, or Keita. Then we buy 2 new midfielder in the summer…Bellingham and, say, Nunes. We go into next season with something like Bellingham, Nunes, Henderson, Fab, Bajcetic, and Kante. Elliot & Jones for further cover. I’d be ok with that.

Kevin Phillip and Sabitzer available for loan. Jorginho go to Arsenal, we not event try.
Anw Kante is finished. Same with Fabinho.

Oh, no no no no no.

Dude must be older than Milner by now?

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I like your optimism! But Bellingham and Nunes will be pipe dream for now! We are more likely to see Mason Mount as the only addition.

Fully agreed with this. I think that Klopp might twist a few of his principles into a different shape but to sign a ton of players, especially if they are playing in similar positions? I really don’t think so.

That said, I also expect to see two midfielders signed. Whether Jones and Elliott can provide competition in central midfield remains to be seen - I think that Jones isn’t far away in technical and tactical terms but fitness issues are obviously a massive impediment to his Liverpool prospects.

It contradicts my previous statements but there’s still a part of me that expects Keita to be offered a new contract - and him to sign it. Morton to provide cover until January at least as well…


Two of which barely play, Milner getting a new 1 year contract so 2 would be sufficient especially with no European football.

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I actually think it will look a lot like that…2 new bigger fee signings and a free one. Or maybe (I know, I know) the club offers to extend Keita instead of a free signing. Can’t see Ox anywhere near the team and Milner should probably go.

I think he used to be one of the Anfield Wrap crew didn’t he?

Arthur Melo is trending… told you he would save our season.

Poor guy mind isn’t his fault.

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Nope, just the same old really. :face_with_peeking_eye:


Ah he was trending on mine a minute ago.

Goretzska is trending though… :star_struck: :star_struck:

Edit: Nvm just a picture of him in a Bayern shirt when he was about 7 getting 20k likes.

You’d think trending would be consistent by country, but clearly not.

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We signing Bambi?


2 good, strong and energetic midfielders would transform our midfield.Not that it’s going to happen but if those 2 mids were Bellingham and Caicedo then any 1 of Hendo,Thiago,Bajcetic,Elliott or Jones would be more than enough to make the midfield work.If 1 of those 2 new mids were to be out for a short period then a rested Hendo and/or Thiago along with the other new mid would still have enough to more than compete against most any other midfield.