The Cheat Guide To Using TAN

Moving from TIA is a big change, with lots of new features to learn. So here are some things I have learned which will hopefully come in handy

Navigation - Last Read, First Post, Last Post

Most users when navigating will click on the thread title (Liverpool vs Leeds United) - This will automatically take you to the position in the thread you last read.

However if you wish to go to the first or last post, click instead upon the replies button (in this example 244)

This gives you the option of going to either the first or last post.

Navigation - Bookmarks

One of the best features about this site is bookmarks, once you discover them you will use them over and over.

Say there is a post that has caught your eye, you want to remember to respond to later. Perhaps its just a location in the thread you wish to return to at a later point. Use bookmarks.

On the post you wish to bookmark, click the three dots
Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 09.25.03

More options come up, including a book marks logo. If you click on this
Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 09.25.22

It gives you a book marks menu, labeling, reminder and auto delete options.

Click save, and to ever find that post again its in your top bar Menu
Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 09.26.36

Keyboard shortcuts

Press the " ? " button and you will be given lots of short cuts to use the forum in different ways.


To insert a quote, select the text you wish to quote, then press the Quote button that pops up. Repeat for multiple quotes.


Posts in Discourse are formatted using Markdown. When you create a post, you will see the raw markdown on the left and a preview on the right. Here is a full Markdown cheat sheet.

But the buttons on top of posting bar work pretty well :wink:

Notifications and Subscribing to categories and topics

Some key definitions to understand are:

  • Watching - You will be notified of every new post in the topic. The count of unread and new posts will also appear next to the topic’s listing.
  • Tracking - You will be notified only if someone mentions your @name or replies to your post. The count of unread and new posts will also appear next to the topic’s listing.
  • Regular - You will be notified only if someone mentions your @name or replies to your post.
  • Muted - You will never be notified of anything about this topic, and it will not appear on your unread tab.

To subscribe to a Category (or forum) go to your preferences (via your Profile page) page.

To subscribe to a Topic (or thread) go to the topic in question and scroll to the bottom. Just above the Suggested Topics table is a notifications drop-down, from which you select the appropriate option.


I have made this page a WIKI for anyone to edit, improve and add to :wink: another cool feature of TAN


Bookmarked :+1:t2:

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Just a quick note on quoting… as many of you have no doubt noticed, if you quote someone and click on the little speech bubble their post appears, along with any other quoted posts in the chain.

Apparently the forum software used means there is no limit to how many of these can be chained, so in order for longer debates to not become unwieldy, it would be good if posters could self-police a little bit and, say, limit the number of quoted posts appearing in their reply to two or three.

Thanks all :+1:


Hello Mods
Where is the ex-Reds section/sub-forum, we used to have ex LFC players and ex LFC managers?

Thank you.

Hi Maria, we have a bit of a catch-all thread for all that at the moment, in the Pitchside folder:

Thank you ZB, :+1:t2: I honestly don’t know what I am doing half the time, trying to find threads.

Does anyone know if the site has an app that can be downloaded. Or does anyone know how to put it in my phone desktop. Ta.

There is an app sort of.

How do you load it. Ta.

No idea :laughing:
Install the Fig app and take it from there,post in that thread and @ismf will be able to help properly.

Have you tried simply hitting the post number ticker? It will bring up a slide bar that you can drag up or down to quickly navigate to posts by both position in the thread and date. Really useful for quick navigation.

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Maybe I am just getting old, mate. Maybe it is the lack of simplicity and intuity and that I do not understand all the functions seamlessly. This might grow on me as I get better at understanding the various functions.
Not that I am that old, I was born 12 of September 1983, so I am hardly ancient, but I am neither 18 either.
I guess I just really prefer paging as a format as I like to navigate through pages and find it a smooth way to read both books and forums.
But yeah, dragging works I guess and it does show the dates as well. Anyway, I appreciate your post.

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Use this method if you prefer to read the discussion “backwards”. :wink::+1:


Thank you for the reminder, appreciate it.

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Is there like a most recent posts thingy so ya don’t have to go to each individual thread to read the new posts?

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Yup. You go to the sandwich menu next to your avatar picture, and there you find ‘Latest’.


That still only gives a list of the recent thread titles.I was looking for say the last 10 posts on the forum,without clicking each individual thread?

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No, I don’t think we have that, at least not as far as I’m aware.