The Corona Pandemic

Global deaths 895,269
Global infections 27,430,604

Recorded infections in Bangladesh 327,359
Recorded deaths in Bangladesh 4,516

Let’s hear updates from your respective countries.

Stay safe.

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Recorded infections in Switzerland: 44’405
Recorded deaths: 1’732

It should be added that over the last three months, we have had an average of 0,54 deaths each day. New cases have increased again since two months, but moderately (currently around 400 each day). The number of hospitalisations and deaths hasn’t increased yet.

Situation firmly under control I’d say, at least for the time being. Schools have reopened since three weeks, and everything is reopening progressively. Universities will reopen next week, but with limited capacity in conference rooms and everything transmitted on internet.

From October, if everything goes well, stadia and concert halls will be allowed to be filled to two thirds of their capacity. FC Basel for instance will be allowed to have 23k people in the stadium again for their league games. :+1:t2:

Fans will have to wear maks of course, and there will be all kinds of strict regulations, but it’s still encouraging.

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UK as of 7 September

Total confirmed cases: 350,100
Total confirmed deaths: 41,554

However these figures are likely to be misleading, as testing is not widespread or mandatory. Most people with symptoms are just isolating.

The death rate is also very probably under estimated. The current figure for excess deaths is somewhere around 60-70k.


My wife recently returned after staying with our daughter in Paris and so had to quarantine for 2 weeks and has now completed the period. She has not had any symptoms but could have been fined if she had gone out. Fair enough.

However, if she had stayed in this country but tested positive and still gone out, she would not have been liable to a fine. Seems a bit odd. What is the situation in other countries, I wonder?

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My worry? Got a grandson off to Uni now, he’s in shared accomodation - 3 girls, 2 lads. Not the brightest on common sense (and how the hell he’s got to Uni I don’t know!) and rampant with hormones.

If there’s only 10% more like him throughout the UK, I fear for our future Covid numbers.

The situation in Bangladesh is puzzling, to put it mildly. Restrictions have been getting withdrawn since May 31 and in last three months almost all restrictions are gone. The only saving grace being the schools are still closed.

However, even by official reports, 80% of the infections have been reported after the restrictions started to go. Also, due to a rather restrictive testing scheme, the official infection figures are highly debatable.

Bolton placed into lockdown, now social gatherings limited to 6 people nationwide. But you can still go to pubs! Nice, consistent guidelines there. :roll_eyes:

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And yet clubs are obsessed with getting a date set for when crowds can return.

Sadly, I can’t see things getting back to anything close to normal until a sustainable vaccine is developed and mass produced, which is the key part as it will require something like 80% of the world population having access for it to be viable.

And on that note, it’s big news that the AztraZenica trial was just halted as a result of a serious adverse event. There has been a lot of downplaying this already, as these sorts of what we call “stopping rules” are built into these phase 3 trials. However, they are not commonly engaged in vaccine trials.


That’s a serious hit on the vaccine front.
I wonder how the Russian vaccine and others are doing?

In Russia they have a medication that makes you forget about Covid 19 and it works every time…just put a small drop in your tea and Vlad’s your uncle.


Lancet published an article a few days ago that says that Phase 1/2 results in a very strong immune response in all of 76 participants. But the low number of test subjects aside, immune response is not the only criteria for approval of a vaccine. Ultimately the vaccine must be safe of long term harmful side effects and unfortunately, that is something only time can prove isn’t it? But of course all humanity hopes that a vaccine, safe one, can be approved as fast as it is possible.

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Jeepers what’s just happened in France?

Doms master plan is progressing nicely.

Allow the proles a holiday abroad if they so choose.
Then blame the proles when they return with the Covid.

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Personally I think anybody who’s gone to the med from the UK this year is a fucking idiot. Love it when the whinge that they have to “cough” isolate on the way home.

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I predicted it weeks ago. Holidays then back to school. In fact back to school hasn’t affected the figures yet this is just from the holidays so I expect things to get worst before they get better.


Give it a week and the government’s dammed regardless of the outcome. Massive spike? Kids shouldn’t have gone back. No spike? Why were kids not in school much sooner?

This was presumed to happen whenever the lockdown would have been lifted.