The Great TANtatsic Pub Quiz

Good story.

Wrong answer.

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Gizza job Yozzer Hughes…
and his doppelganger…
The great Graeme Souness in his first acting role :0)

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What other TV series did Graeme Souness act in?

The Sopranos

Yozzer Hughes and Graham Soonest. They met at Snowy’s wake. Just before Yozzer met ‘Shake hands’. Apparently they look like each other? I can’t see it meself. :thinking::nerd_face:

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Right, time to get this back on track.

What is Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (other than taking the fucking piss :rofl:)?

Obviously I’m scared to even begin to answer that one, terrified as I am at the length of it……

OK, the great pyramid of Giza was the tallest man made structure (built by men) in the world till the late 1300s. Which structure took the record?

Google’s easy but do try to think on this one. The structure was in the UK.


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I do think I’ve used the phrase needlessly sesquepedalianistic more than one here :slight_smile: Granted I spelt it better both times :wink:

Was thinking The Statue of Rhodes, but the UK clue has completely befaffled me

Something to do with horses??..what do I know…

@Klopptimist has already got it. Fear of long words

Got to be a cathedral spire. Salisbury?

Like I said…what do I know…

You’re on the right lines but in the wrong county.


Keep going but warmer. Not as warm as I was walking round the Christmas market one year but that was Aunty Nancy pouring a quad measure of brandy to keep out the cold before the mulled wine……

My daughter was at Durham uni. That cathedral is tall?

Cornwell is the warmest county, but I don’t recall their being any particularly tall spires down that part of the UK

Warmer as in York being warmer than Sailsbury. Closer, not thermally more active :slight_smile: