The Hall of Shame

Its absence has been frequently lamented, it’s now baaaaaccccckkk!

And to kick us off…sorry @AnfieldRdDreamer



How did he do that? Put him on transfer list and forced him to train with the U18?


Moores was a criminally shit businessman, we were really ran extremely incompetently and because of that we desperately needed new ownership. But the driving reasons for the sale were the apparent need for a new stadium and the need for financial backing to compete. The fact we had a world class manager at the time who could, with backing, really turn us into a sporting powerhouse along with a few top players led by a world class Gerrard entering his prime and desperate for success made the whole situation quite urgent and made it untenable to delay the sale by a few more seasons. Make no mistake though Moores then picked the worst possible ownership option for LFC because it was the one that benefitted him the most, a few minutes Web search would have thrown up all kinda of red flags. If he’d chosen better everything may have played out fine. The situation is 100% on him. But the need to sell fast was due to us having a world class manager desperate for financial backing to be able to compete and a few real good players that needed to compete or they’d leave. Moores was under more and more pressure to try and find ways to fund our transfer business. I think he even bought one player out of his own funds or something didn’t he? Maybe Kuyt?

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Come on mate, there’s an absolute chasm between what you’ve said there and the assertion that “Rafa practically forced Moores out”.


Discussion to the Benitez thread please. Don’t need two parallel discussions going on regarding this appalling betrayal/decent guy just taking a bloody job (delete as applicable)

Indeed David Moores did. It was Dirk Kuyt, and he made sure he got the £9 million back when he sold the club (down the river).

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Yep was an example of both how incompetent he was (the club should have been making enough to cover the deal) as well as how he was under pressure to fund the recruitment with money the club didn’t have. It wasn’t trying to paint him in a good light at all in any shape or form.

Latest beauty. Sorry @Nobluff


I don’t agree with Roydom but that’s not hall of shame worthy, it’s not as if Gerrard is the perfect candidate.

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Tbf, the Pep is Lijnders and Rodgers has now got the managerial trajectory he should have had before he came here. He irritates the fuck out of me but he’s a better manager now than he was with us. We just should never have been part of his development process.