The Middle East Thread


Thanks for posting. We need reminding that it’s the Zionist terrorists who are the real holocaust deniers.

Anybody who has been in Gaza since October is going to bear the scars.
Sorry to sound heartless, but that’s just how it is.

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Qatar Prime Minister lashed out at Israel and Hamas for disrupting the ceasefire negotiation.

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If it’s like this now, just imagine what it would be like under NR.

He hasn’t been in Gaza

A bit of context here which help explain Netanyahu’s ominous threats from around a week ago of an “extremely powerful” response to attacks by Hezbollah from Lebanon , and also possibly why the current ceasefire deal found its way onto the table.

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Two sides of the same fucking coin

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The simplest version of the state of play is that Hamas leaders have, in general terms, publicly endorsed a deal for a ceasefire in exchange for the release of hostages, but they have not actually agreed to it. The Israeli government, meanwhile, has agreed to it — or at least the White House insists they have — but notably has not endorsed it publicly.


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This part is telling

And if Israel has not been able to dismantle Hamas, a much smaller and less formidable adversary, after eight months of war and a nearly 17-year blockade of Gaza, what makes Israelis think that they can defeat Hezbollah in Lebanon, even putting aside the high price in soldier and civilian lives?

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Probably the most used adjective to describe the entire conflict down the years has been ‘intractable’ , and sadly it’s still the most pertinent.

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It’s not in Hamas’s interest for the ceasefire to end , Ensuring that the hostilities continue is the way that they continue to be in relevance

Unless their leaders in Gaza can be persuaded to go into exile , which strikes me as highly unlikely.


They will go into exile (if they aren’t killed). I wonder when the ICC warrants will be issued. That will severely limit their options. But Russia would gladly accept them.

Sinwari is holed up in one of those tunnels. Fat chance he’ll leave. Scum.


Sinwar has kids (and if the rumors are true, grandkids too). He would definitely try to ship them somewhere safe.

Don’t see Russia accepting them.

Russia has business interests with Israel. They aren’t likely to do anything to disturb those interests.

It’ll have to be one of the Arab Oil States which takes them on.

Business aren’t principled. People do business with all sorts of scums, if the profit is right.

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Not only biz. There are a lot of Russian jews too. Roman for one.