The Music Thread

Going by this , it’s doubtful Shane’s gonna see another one.

I remember hearing this for the first time in the mid-eighties and being completely freaked out by it. Even moreso once I learned that our favourite psychopath had at one time been mates with the Beach Boys and had dreams of being a pop star.

This might be interesting for any music fans in the Merseyside area:

From the unintentionally funny to the completely bizarre, Steve Goldman’s collection of more than 500 record covers are something to behold. Collected over a seven-year period from charity shops and online marketplaces, Goldman’s selection criteria is stringent: Is this one of the worst record covers in the world? The exhibition of this collection, Worst Record Covers is a unique celebration of some of the most questionable design choice in music history.

Goldman explains that to get into his collection, a cover “has to make me laugh! There are plenty of covers which are bad for the wrong reasons – sexist, homophobic, racist, gory etc – you won’t find any of these. I want records where the designers have tried to do something that’s gone horribly wrong”.

Visitors will have the opportunity to have their say on which is the best – or worst – via a public vote to select a favourite. This is an exhibition which can be enjoyed by the whole family, and younger visitors can enjoy games and activities, including designing their own worst record covers.

The exhibition will run 15th November 2023 – 27th January 2024. Free entry – but Goldman is a stroke survivor and is staging the exhibition in aid of Different Strokes, a charity helping younger stroke survivors.

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A few picks from the list of Ivo Novello award winners in the 90’s, sorry @legalalien.

Strong contenders. Well, the first two are at least.

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It’s not just obscure artists. If they don’t have this I’d be disappointed:

Not sure what the Bee Gees where thinking of here:

Or black Sabbath here:

And I’m not quite sure what Rammstein were thinking on their original debut album cover:

why do people hate on Radiohead so much?

Because musical taste is subjective.

Do they? I really love Radiohead. I have all their albums. The only thing I can think of is that there is a subset of Radiohead aficionados that are a bit pretentious.

I was living in a squat in London when The Pogues hit the big time. Brixton Academy St.Patrick’s Night 1986 was the best gig I ever went to.

Thanks for the memories Shane. Rest in peace.


That’s my favourite too. Was also squatting in S London at that time.

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Small world , lol. Whereabouts were you ? (We were in Borough.)

Camberwell Grove and Brixton

I prefer Camberwick Green and Trumpton.

OK I’ve just had on high rotation the best album I’ve heard in the last 5 years….

The Struts - Pretty Vicious

Every song is a cracker and it also helps that Luke Spiller is a genuine rock star. Saw them live a couple of years ago and man can this guy entertain!!

They have stormed into my Spotify wrapped top 5 with Priest and the Stones Roses.

Anyone into a bit of good ol rock music get your ears into it.